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Be aware! Anger Can Destroy Your Relationship

October 31, 2013

Anger is undoubtedly one of the worst negative emotions one can have in life. It can destroy your personal and professional life. A healthy romantic relationship is truly a bliss. Anger seems to be the main reason for the failure of most relationships. How to control the anger and save your relationship? Please continue reading……

What causes anger in a relationship? When you were in the initial stages of your relationship, everything seemed to be great and perfect. However, once the lovey-dovey period is over, both he and she begin to see the minus and negative points of each other. In this modern world, both men and women have high ambitions and want to live the most comfortable and successful life possible. Eventually they live with a lot of stress both at workplace and at home. This causes anger in both men and women. Anger may cause misunderstanding on couples and eventually lead to separation. Bad habits such as excessive drinking, smoking etc., can also make him/her angry in a relationship. Financial issues, infidelity, trying to control the other, biological causes, issues in sexual performances, the way he/she was raised, communication issues etc., also can make him/her angry.

How to control your anger and aggressive behavior: Your partner, by nature may be short-tempered. Or he/she may his/her own reasons for getting angry with you. It's very important that you should try your best to calm him/her down. It's not wise to retaliate when he/she is angry. Let not your ego aggravate the fight. An eye for an eye attitude will worsen the situation. Avoid pointing fingers or yelling and shouting at him/her. When your partner comes back to normal mood, you can tell them how much his/her anger had hurt you. Most importantly, you must have the strong desire to save the relationship. Regular yoga and meditation can also help to control your anger greatly.

Summary: Life will be a bliss if your relationship is healthy. Uncontrolled anger can ruin a relationship. Learn to control your anger and live a happy and successful life. Thanks for reading.

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The vision of MLM

October 31, 2013
Several days ago, I happened to  read 2 meaninful blogs titled "Karl Marx and Failure of Communism"  and " Is China Following Karl Marx ? " I was really rather interested in them,  especially the author said such classical sentences---- The 21st century is on us and there is very little talked about Karl Marx and his concept of Socialism. However in the 19th century Karl Marx with his thesis 'Das Kapital' had struck a chord in the heart of the liberals and the revolutionaries.  and the only professed communist states now are China and Korea.


     It's SO funny  that I'm just a Chinese with the education background of  communism.  I think  that i should be qualified to be  an "expert" about  the  history of communism. just a kidding!

      However, just as the author saying in the blog" Is China Following Karl Marx ? ",  now China is not a state that follows the priciples of Karl Marx, The dream of a workers paradise and dictatorship of the proletariat is far away. In contrast the worker is bound by dogma of a one party rule and dictatorship with no rights. 

    So  being a common  and poor chinese from the lower parts of society such as me, it's absolutely impossible to have the chance to go abroad, seeing the outside China.

      Luckily,   last winter, I finally got a chance to go to Malaysia. It's REALLY the happiest time,  for my part.  Welcome you to open this link to watch my photos taken in Malaysia.

       and in Malaysia, I heard some stories and political system and history about Malaysian state  from our guide--a Malaysian Chinese, which made me feel rather fresh and excited?even shocked.   Because in china, I can't learn them from any books or media such as newspaper and TV,etc.

      It's   the first time that I knew there's had the communist party in Malaysian history.     Pitifully,  the fate of Malaysian communist party was completely opposite to the Chinese communist party,    the Malaysian communist party was defeated at last,   and as a result,  Malaysia became a member of the "the British Commonwealth".

         I can't help sighing with great emotions!  Given  the same communist party and communism theory, why the final results and fates in different countries are totally different?   which made me associate it with  MLM.   I  feel MLM's culture is just similar to the once  communism which was international, being existed in the countries from all over the world in some way.

       In fact, It's just due to following a Chinese MLM team that I got the precious opportunity to go abroad.   and this  MLM company is named ecosway  originated from Malaysia, whose headquater is just in kuala lumpur.  you can say if without MLM, I'm afraid that i can't realize my dream of going abroad forever.

      It's said that Bill Gates has ever said such a sentence: if I don't engaged in the IT/internet all my life, I will select to be involved in MLM. (Of course, I don't assure if he really said so. At least, those Chinese in MLM circle all believe in it.)  and a  Singapore Chinese --the founder of SMI also acclaimed that MLM was just a wonderful invention in our modern world! 

     But  I have unexpectedly never known the existence of MLM in the world until 2006. It's such a fresh topic  for me!   at that time, I ran across a strange young chinese couple who invited me to attend an evening meeting warmly!   too surprisedly, I found I  entered a brand-new world different from the traditional chinese society ---god knows how sealed and enclosed it is--a  dictatorship and one party-ruled government that  tolerates no dissent.  immediately, I got to know it's a classroom  of Amway---a celebrated  MLM company from USA.

      From the beginning, I have sensitively realized that MLM is just same as the so-called "communism" and the so-called "utopian socialism“ which sounds too good to be true.

      and It also reminds me  of the famous sentence from Karl marx: working class from all over the world, Unite! Unite! Unite!

        It seems that MLM is breaking the boundary  line of each country, allowing the people from all over the world to be bonded in a team?and MLM also proudly alleges that it can help people obtain the faniancial freedom, space freedom, spirit freedom, time freedom. oh, it sounds really so equal to the once- "utopian socialism"!

      At the same time, I  find that there're a lot of people who hate MLM very much. once a time, MLM was even regarded as illegal and evil by the Chinese authority!  of course, I also find that even if  people in USA---the origion country of MLM are also very ignorant about MLM.

      Oh, it's really too interesting and strange. MLM is really too similar to the past communism. Some people are crazy about it,  some people fight against  it very much? other people just laugh at it, regarding it as no more than a joke, very ridiculous!  Of course, there're still a lot of people in the world who have even never heard of  MLM till now, no mention to keep in close touch with it.

        So i can't help thinking of such a question. What's the future of MLM in all over the world?

        Maybe it's just like a  successful Chinese Amway doer whose speeches I like listenning to very much   saying,  Everyone is living like climbing a ladder, the key is how to predict the future. ( He's ever created a brillant legend with the help of MLM.   Today he has travelled 27 countries via Amway,   becoming an international personage from a child born in the poorest and remotest Chinese countryside.)

        Who wins, who fails? maybe only god knows!

        Now please allow me to end my blog using a famous poem named "plum blossom"  written by the once chinese commnist party's leader Mao Zedong.

After the wind and rain give the spring a send-off party,

The flying snow is singing a tune of welcome to spring.

It's just been the seanson when the precipice is full of the gigantic iceberg,

There're still some branches with the beautiful red plum blossoms thriving.


Even if they're so charming and fragrant,

They don't fight for the supremacy in the spring.

Only they want to announce in advance the coming of spring,

They will smile  mingling in their midst when the mountain flowers are in full bloom in spring.




My cry to my American weblover

May 9, 2013
Dear lover,  

Recently I'm ill,  and so is my mother.  We're both ill, we both desire to see you  come to China. we both love and need you so much, so much!   Because you can't realize how hard for a poor single woman it is to exist in the society where marriage is a must.  And if  the daughter can't be married, other people even look down on and bully her parents.I have told you that the brutal neighbore cut our tree because I'm such an old virgin.

And the landlord charged me the extra house rent on purpose, threateningly claiming  that they will sell the only  remaining single apartment on rent, even if  I can still continue to rent this apartment,  Once there's the new buyer, I must remove it without reserve. Oh, how to describe the awkward situation?    My family just have  such an amount of money. Oh, Such an old small house in  linzhou city (it's a  backward county  town of China) unexpectedly costs us 110,000 Chinese yuan, about 20 thousand USD.Please notice it's 20,000 USD--110,000 Chinese yuan. You see, even for you, In order to save the airticket to China from USA , you have prepared for the whole 5 years, no mention to my family, what a long time for us to save so much money--110,000 RMB!  Oh, my god,on the thought of it,  I feel my heart takes to bleeding.It's just ME who ran out of all saving of my parents.)

Especially,  just now I got a  truth that I was unexpectedly  cheated and charged extra rents   by that hateful and greedy landlord all these years by chance,  and there're also a few other  single apartments to be let.  I felt  angry to death and even heart-broken.  But I still  have no other choice now.  I have no ability to  afford to buy the big house, What's more, I  have not husband and children,  no need to live in such a big house.  at the same time in my living town, there's not any other single apartment to be sold or let, although there're  a few new single houses on construction now, no way to live,yet.   You must realize the special Chinese house policy where  there's no room  for single people to exist!

So all situations urged me and my parents to make up our mind to buy such an old single house in such a high price. Oh, my god,  110,000 Chinese yuan must be paid  off one- time!     I have never seen so much money to put together--the whole 11bundles of cashes!  We drew all our funds out  in the different banks.   Now my family and I are just in the abject poverty.   If only I could have a husband!  Thus we can buy a big and comfortable new house together! (I have a plan to ask for the lawyer whether the contract is available or I can cancel this trade later, Considering I bought it under the condition of being deceived.   but now I still have no other house to rent, no other choice but to keep on suffering.)

And in the working place, I am also excluded or recisely speaking,  I am being ostracised, I was allocated to the worst office room without no window full of 甲醛 methanal. At the beginning, I didn't know the existence of 甲醛methanal, because it's of a kind of gas without  smell and color just like air. but I feel uncomfortable to stay in it gradually, coughing,and face swelling hot and  red,head dizzy. later, I begin to learn that it's just the poisoning symptom of 甲醛 from a magazine of Amway accidently.  No other coworkers wanted to go to that room without window, just  leaving me to stay in that dark office room alone. ( I reported the situation about 甲醛 to our leader/boss, he just paid no attention to my request. I know that he was ignorant deliberately. )

As a result, my poor health finally broke out. In fact, I have been dizzy, weak  and languid for the last 3 months.  Yesterday I  went to see the doctor, the doctor told me that my liver and spleen even kidney were all not in good state, and my blood lacking of nutriation seriously.  I must be away from 甲醛methanal.

Just to think what kind of poor situation I'm living now!  Please help and save me! Yeah,please like a knight on a horse  coming to scoop me up and take me away and fly... I really need to get rid of my present situation. If without the hope of your coming  this September, I really can't suffer any more! and I also really can't endure to keep on waiting and waiting... I feel regretted to buy this old singel apartment,  If I have 110,000 RMB, I'd rather to take them to live in USA with you. and the reason why we should visit my relative of being an official in China? It's because we should ask for his help to keep my present life-long job, thus even if I'm not in china, I can still get the salary.)

I'm only afraid that you can't like me in reality.  And I dreamed a  bad dream.  In dream,I met you in reality, and I even talked with you in my poor oral  English very slowly but very clearly.  Pitifully,  it seems that you couldn't understand what i said. and you also didn't like me, you even refused to look at me. Because there're a lot of young and beautiful chinese girls around you. you just despised  me. In dream, my heart fell to peices!  as if I' was abandoned by my exboyfriend again. I'm also a person full of love scars as you! don't abandon me!

So now I must ask for leave for a good rest to recover the health. God knows how I cherish my job, though which is a far cry from my favorate and ideal profession. I'm unexpectedly foolish and miserable  to such an extent that I'd rather  sacrifice my health for keeping my work position  to support myself!  Otherwise, It's absolutely impossible for me  to keep single to wait for my Mr. right's arrival. Maybe in order to make a living, I had to marry to certain a person like my mother. In my memory, she is always full of unhappiness and suffering,  feeling wronged.  She hates to be a woman in China, having few chance and choice to give full play to her talent all along. she taught me from a child to dream to leave China, going  abroad--USA. I have the obligation and mission to fulfill our common dream! I also made a vow then and there  that I would never lower myself to marry only  for survival, instead of true love!    However, the price is too big, too big... now I've  unexpectedly been 37 years old... My dream still can't be realized! 

I'm looking forward to meeting you in Beijing capital airport this September!

P.S.I  have contacted the hotel manager Tan of Regal Riverside hotel of China. He told me that it's ture that the price via online will be cheaper than in reality. For example, the price of our room is 318RMB, but if you book it in reality, the price will be double--630 RMB (about 100 USD). So it's really so economic for us to book hotel  online directly. Thanks to the great intenet! Even if you're in USA, you can still book the Chinese hotel via smoothly!. oh, My god, just to imagine the hotel room--630 Chinese yuan one night!   It'll be the most expensive hotel I would have been!!!



March 20, 2013



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March 20, 2013











如果是纯粹的赌博,倒也罢了。   或者就跟股票市场预先告知的“投资有风险,入市需谨慎”一样,最起码,写的明明白白,那叫“愿赌服输”。  赚了,那是运气好;输了,不过一笑了之,玩玩而已。








哎,我都不晓得自己是倒了哪门子的霉,学了半天英语,原本是因为向往美国,冲着赚钱去的。这倒也好,不能说愿望完全没实现。 的确也遇到了美国人,更有美国网友主动送我美金--所谓的”seed money",使我在不知不觉间卷入了此种项目,以致越陷越深,禁不住也想加大投资力度,好快速发财致富。

当然,如果我是个没有良心的人,或许我也真的可以蒙骗几个人加入。至少我也可以象我的美国上线一样,一开始为了发展下线,主动送对方“seed money",施点儿恩惠。 我想,这个世界上,人人可以拒绝任何东西,唯独不会拒绝别人送钱给自己吧!



可是,我偏偏就是太”傻“了,太”较真“了。一方面不愿忍受中国传统”长官制“下的压迫,一方面又不肯做”上线“去坑蒙拐骗别人。曾经一心要逃离中 国,竭尽全力学英语,为的是向国外的文化制度靠拢。却不成想,美国佬儿似乎尽是一群骗子,自己原本是下线,为了赚钱,变成上线,上线再发展下线,如此一直 循环下去。 只是不晓得轮到哪个可怜虫,到最后,要为所有的”富人“买单了!恰似美国的次贷危机爆发后,全球人民要为其“买单”---呜呼,穷国家的人却要来养活富国 家的人!


可是,为什么我做了人家的”下线“,却不愿意去当”上线“呢?按理说,按照我美国上线的思维方式和那一大套催眠似的励志理论,再施点儿金钱上的小恩 惠,绝对不发愁找不来下线。何况,项目本身真的非常诱人呢!  可是,为什么?为什么?为什么?我拒绝如此做,相反,只有满心的愤懑呢?



P.S.   不过生活依然在继续. 即使感觉上班再压抑,再委屈,再窝囊,再被欺凌和侮辱,再无法忍受, 为了糊口,还要暂时当“奴隶“。(在成为“奴隶主”之前。)  同理, 即使认为真的已经看透美国项目的实质---不过是彼此骗彼此的不断循环,“奴隶主”的美梦还是要做的,好项目依然还是要分享的.      毕竟,美国还是世界头号强国---最富庶的国家.   任何事物,只要存在,必有其存在的价值和意义!
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January 30, 2013

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