Several days ago, I happened to  read 2 meaninful blogs titled "Karl Marx and Failure of Communism"  and " Is China Following Karl Marx ? " I was really rather interested in them,  especially the author said such classical sentences---- The 21st century is on us and there is very little talked about Karl Marx and his concept of Socialism. However in the 19th century Karl Marx with his thesis 'Das Kapital' had struck a chord in the heart of the liberals and the revolutionaries.  and the only professed communist states now are China and Korea.


     It's SO funny  that I'm just a Chinese with the education background of  communism.  I think  that i should be qualified to be  an "expert" about  the  history of communism. just a kidding!

      However, just as the author saying in the blog" Is China Following Karl Marx ? ",  now China is not a state that follows the priciples of Karl Marx, The dream of a workers paradise and dictatorship of the proletariat is far away. In contrast the worker is bound by dogma of a one party rule and dictatorship with no rights. 

    So  being a common  and poor chinese from the lower parts of society such as me, it's absolutely impossible to have the chance to go abroad, seeing the outside China.

      Luckily,   last winter, I finally got a chance to go to Malaysia. It's REALLY the happiest time,  for my part.  Welcome you to open this link to watch my photos taken in Malaysia.

       and in Malaysia, I heard some stories and political system and history about Malaysian state  from our guide--a Malaysian Chinese, which made me feel rather fresh and excited?even shocked.   Because in china, I can't learn them from any books or media such as newspaper and TV,etc.

      It's   the first time that I knew there's had the communist party in Malaysian history.     Pitifully,  the fate of Malaysian communist party was completely opposite to the Chinese communist party,    the Malaysian communist party was defeated at last,   and as a result,  Malaysia became a member of the "the British Commonwealth".

         I can't help sighing with great emotions!  Given  the same communist party and communism theory, why the final results and fates in different countries are totally different?   which made me associate it with  MLM.   I  feel MLM's culture is just similar to the once  communism which was international, being existed in the countries from all over the world in some way.

       In fact, It's just due to following a Chinese MLM team that I got the precious opportunity to go abroad.   and this  MLM company is named ecosway  originated from Malaysia, whose headquater is just in kuala lumpur.  you can say if without MLM, I'm afraid that i can't realize my dream of going abroad forever.

      It's said that Bill Gates has ever said such a sentence: if I don't engaged in the IT/internet all my life, I will select to be involved in MLM. (Of course, I don't assure if he really said so. At least, those Chinese in MLM circle all believe in it.)  and a  Singapore Chinese --the founder of SMI also acclaimed that MLM was just a wonderful invention in our modern world! 

     But  I have unexpectedly never known the existence of MLM in the world until 2006. It's such a fresh topic  for me!   at that time, I ran across a strange young chinese couple who invited me to attend an evening meeting warmly!   too surprisedly, I found I  entered a brand-new world different from the traditional chinese society ---god knows how sealed and enclosed it is--a  dictatorship and one party-ruled government that  tolerates no dissent.  immediately, I got to know it's a classroom  of Amway---a celebrated  MLM company from USA.

      From the beginning, I have sensitively realized that MLM is just same as the so-called "communism" and the so-called "utopian socialism“ which sounds too good to be true.

      and It also reminds me  of the famous sentence from Karl marx: working class from all over the world, Unite! Unite! Unite!

        It seems that MLM is breaking the boundary  line of each country, allowing the people from all over the world to be bonded in a team?and MLM also proudly alleges that it can help people obtain the faniancial freedom, space freedom, spirit freedom, time freedom. oh, it sounds really so equal to the once- "utopian socialism"!

      At the same time, I  find that there're a lot of people who hate MLM very much. once a time, MLM was even regarded as illegal and evil by the Chinese authority!  of course, I also find that even if  people in USA---the origion country of MLM are also very ignorant about MLM.

      Oh, it's really too interesting and strange. MLM is really too similar to the past communism. Some people are crazy about it,  some people fight against  it very much? other people just laugh at it, regarding it as no more than a joke, very ridiculous!  Of course, there're still a lot of people in the world who have even never heard of  MLM till now, no mention to keep in close touch with it.

        So i can't help thinking of such a question. What's the future of MLM in all over the world?

        Maybe it's just like a  successful Chinese Amway doer whose speeches I like listenning to very much   saying,  Everyone is living like climbing a ladder, the key is how to predict the future. ( He's ever created a brillant legend with the help of MLM.   Today he has travelled 27 countries via Amway,   becoming an international personage from a child born in the poorest and remotest Chinese countryside.)

        Who wins, who fails? maybe only god knows!

        Now please allow me to end my blog using a famous poem named "plum blossom"  written by the once chinese commnist party's leader Mao Zedong.

After the wind and rain give the spring a send-off party,

The flying snow is singing a tune of welcome to spring.

It's just been the seanson when the precipice is full of the gigantic iceberg,

There're still some branches with the beautiful red plum blossoms thriving.


Even if they're so charming and fragrant,

They don't fight for the supremacy in the spring.

Only they want to announce in advance the coming of spring,

They will smile  mingling in their midst when the mountain flowers are in full bloom in spring.