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Posted by gauze on Monday, September 19, 2011, In : MLM marketing 

i was born in the country in china. for me, internet and MLM culture are absolutely the 2 miracles in my life,which i know will be meant to help my dream come true.
i'm a big dreamer all along! even if i i just lived in a remote mountain village without any chance to contact with the outside world in my early 20's. at that time, i don't know what the mobile phone is, i don't even know the presence of computer/internet! i haven't anything. i still remember those nights dancing with so many big...

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Posted by gauze on Friday, September 16, 2011, In : MLM marketing 
  my dear reader, i think you must have heard of the famous english author "Virginia Woolf ",ok? but then have you read her famous article" a spot in the wall" ? it's said it's just a classical essay in the technique of "stream of conciousness".

       i still remember when i read the eassy "a spot in the wall", i felt so strange and incredible. how could the author unexpectedly associate only a small spot in the wall with a wide variety of things?

       today a webfriend from england aske...

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