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My story about Zeek

December 13, 2012

Zeek is a famous company which allows people from all over the world to earn money by buying bids from a penny auction website. Pitifully, it was shut down by the Amercian government about 4 months ago, being accused as the biggest Ponzi scheme of this century.
However, i still think that Zeek is a wonderful attempt. Just as the proverb says, "failure is the mother of success"! I believe the cause of failure in Zeek is that the boss couldn't design a perfect system, Some Zeek members in the higher levels can earn a lot of money too quickly. If Zeek's system could have controlled the big earners, I am sure that Zeek would have been a winner.
I regret that I have don't have the ability to explain these things, it's just my instinct. These past days I find myself thinking about why Zeek failed, why I failed and lost money.  Is it only the fault of American SEC?

In the beginning, the reason i believed in Zeek was only because of my American sponsor. Since I admire Americans so much, I felt it was a great honor to make friends with an American. When he took the initiative to invite me to register for free in his Zeek referral link repeatedly, I felt I couldn't refuse him. Later, he continued to post an ad for Zeek every day in my Zeek account ( according to the Zeek company's rule, we members must post an ad to promote the zeek auction website in order to be qualified to earn the daily commissions) and even offered me 50 dollars so I could buy 50 bids to begin to earn real money in Zeek. I was so moved and happy. I admit, I wanted to gain his international friendship more than earning money via Zeek because I value an American's friendship so much.
Unfortunately, we were all ignorant. We're all not the good investors. We all lack of the common knowledge about finance theory. What's more, all programs are written in English, I have no chance to really understand the content and essence of those programs online in English at all. I only feel SO honored to have an American sponsor, to own the love and friendship from an American. So naive, so funny!
A few days ago, I found a Singapore company named SMI again, This time I got the chance to learn the detailed information about it in a Chinese version via a video. Suddenly I understood how to tell which programs are trustworthy and reasonable. For the first time I can't help admiring the wisdom of that Singapore Chinese founder of the SMI program, It's also the first time that I am proud of being Chinese!

I felt rather surprised that such a perfect and advanced system has unexpectedly been created from a Singapore Chinese who speaks the same Chinese as me just 5 years ago. I still remember clearly that at that time, my American Zeek sponsor told me that Zeek was the only legal, trustworthy and reasonable program online in the world today. (He believed in Zeek so much that he lost 4000 dollars due to buying Zeek auction bids. I think it must be the most failing experience in his life.) Oh, yeah, my god, I felt so fresh about this kind of new business model-- penny auction online. Many times, I opened the Zeek auction website to click the products, such as Ipads, jewerly, etc one by one, and keeping an eye on how the auction price changed with great interest. You know, the products in Zeek had just been bidded by the people online from all over the world at the same time! I was too marveled at the business talent and creative mind of the western people! Just to imagine what a wonderful profit Zeek can get from penny auctions! Zeek can always have plenty money to pay its members! But now I realize that 5 years ago that Singapore company--SMI had covered penny auctions online. and its unique business system is more complete, more strict and scientific! a perfect combination of stocks and MLM, as well as the "notorious" HYIPs!     I was just so surprised! I also remember clearly that 5 years ago, a Chinese webfriend had mentioned SMI to me, trying her best to persuade me to join it. Pitifully, I didn't believe her at all, I didn't believe that we can earn a lot of money via buying "gaming beans" with SMI online, It sounded just like a ridiculous dream. As a result, I missed a chance to earn good money in it, just like I missed BB -- a wonderful bannersbroker program when it began 2 years ago.

Oh, our life is full of odd things!
Although Zeek is still in the thick of lawsuits, I don't know the final result will be. I have a premonition that it's impossible for Zeek to come back again and i'll lose my 300 dollar of auction bids in Zeek forever.
Of course, it can't be denied that Zeek is still a great pioneer. It has spread all over the world within 2 years! When Zeek was charged with the biggest ponzi scheme by American SEC, Zeek members from all over the world, including me, signed a petition online to the American white house, to the president Obama. Oh, just like a vigorous revolutionary movement! At that time, we really believed that Zeek was innocent, otherwise, it couldn't deceive so many intelligent and successful people such as scholars and college professors. We should defend the fruits of Zeek together! Now it seems I have an insight into some truth. Why does Zeek's boss keep silent all this time after the American SEC froze 1.5 billion dollars from Zeek? It fills me full of doubts and suspicious.
Even after this, I don't regret joining Zeek. On the contrary, I have learned some of valuable knowledge and lessons from it. It's said that recently in China, a company named Hongtong which was created by an American Chinese was also shut down by the Chinese government as a ponzi scheme. It's also like Zeek, having lasted for more than 2 years. It's also said that its members earn too much money too quickly,too, so it's inevitable to collapse. But its system is just like that of the Singapore program --SMI. Why is it that they look the same in appearance, yet the results are so different? SMI has lasted for more than 5 years now. It's REALLY a good topic to think about and talk and share for us all! No matter what happened, I believe that the boss of Hongtong is not a scammer. In fact, just the opposite, It's said that he was a wealthy American Chinese from the American high society before, I have seen his group photo with the president Obama,too. My opinion is that he just failed to control the increasing scale of his program--Hongtong like the boss of Zeek.  I think it must be something similar to the stock market bubble bursting!  Don't forget,  the Founder of SMI--Mr. Huang Yan Qing has ever emphasised that the subtle "San jin San chu" (Sorry, I fail to find the proper english expression to translate it.) is just the successful key/Soul of SMI business. All in all, it's a kind of policy of containment/limitation in my view. 
    It reminds me that in China, there's a Basic national policy--Birth control-- every family can have no more than 2 children. It's well-known that Chinese like giving birth to children very much. so without birth control--reducing the people birth rate, there would be a much larger population now in China. Obviously, China will not support too many people!  Referring to the "birth control", the Nobel prize winner in literature --Mo Yan in 2012, who is also the first and only Chinese from Chinese mainland to obtain Nobel prize in literature especially wrote a famous book named "Frog" to describe  this issue profoundly. 

So my advise is Zeek should adopt the "birth control" policy, limiting the big earners and extending the cycle of getting commissions of big earners, then Zeek's business model will really be a great invention written in our history textbook in the future!   and We can proudly claim that the business model of Zeek   is unique, innovative. For the history of his life,  Paul Burks--the boss of zeek is more a humanist than a great businessman, because he always sought to build businesses that were developed by people who had no skills in sales and recruiting. Zeek is the realization of that dream, a real opportunity for all!


my opinion about zeek

December 6, 2012
but i still think that zeek is a wonderful attempt. the failure is the mother of success! the cause of failure in zeek IS that the boss can't design a perfect system, so some members in zeek can earn money too much and too quickly. if the boss of zeek can limit and control them, zeek will win i think.
of course, i have no ability to explain all these things. all in all, it's just my instinct. in these days, i always think why zeek fails, why i fail, losing my money.
at the beginning, the reason i believe in zeek IS only because of my american sponsor. since i admire american so much. i feel it's a great honor to make friends with american. so when he tried his best to help me post ads in zeek, i was so moved and honored. i want to own his international friendship more than earning money via zeek. because i value the friendship from american so much.
however, we are all ignorant. we're all not the good investors. we all lack of the common knowledge about finance theory. what's more, all programmes are written in english, i have no chance to really understand the content and essence of those programmes online in english. i only feel honored to have an american sponsor, to own the friendship from american. so naive, so funny.
so when i met that singapore company again recently, i got the chance to read the chinese information about that programme. i think i begin to understand which one is the trustworthy and reasonable programme. i can't help admiring the wisdom of that singapore chinese.
i feel rather surprised that such a perfect and advanced system was unexpectedly from a singapore chinese who speaks chinese like me just 5 years ago. i still remember that at that time, my american zeek sponsor told me that zeek was the only legal and trustworthy and reasonable programme online in the world. (he believed in zeek so much that he lost the whole 4000 dollar in zeek. i think it must be the most failing experience in his life.) and we can earn money by buying bids of auction bids. i feel so fresh, i feel the western people are so advanced. but so strange, 5 years ago, that singapore company has included the penny auction online. and more complete and perfect, and more stricted and scientific! too surprised! and 5 years ago, a chinese had mentioned this singapore programme to me, pitifully i missed it just like i missed BB 2 years ago.
oh, the life is full of odd things!

but now the zeek is still in a thick of lawsuit. i don't know the final result. i just have a premonition that it's impossible for zeek to come back again. then i'll lose my 300 dollar in zeek forever.
but zeek is still a great pioneer. it has spread all over the world ! the zeek members from all over the world even including me even signed the petition online to american white house, to the president Obama. oh, just like a vigorous revolutionary movement! but i don't regret to join zeek. i have learned some of knowledge from it i think. recently in china, a company named hongtong which was created by an american chinese was also shut down by the chinese goverment.  it's said that  it's also like zeek, lasting for more than 2 years. its members can earn money too much and too quickly. so it collapsed at last. but its system is just like that singapore programme. why they look the same in appearance , the results are so different? it's a good topic to learn and talk and share! but i also believe that the boss of hongtong is not a scammer,too. on the contrary, he is a rich and successful american chinese in the american high society before, otherwise he can't have the chance to take a group photo with the president obama. ( i have seen his photo with the president obama) but he just failed to control the increasing scale of his programme like the boss of zeek. i think it must be something similar to the stock marketing bubble bursting!
but just as i wrote in my blog--my ambition of earning money online!

oh, Who thrives, who withers away, only god knows! i don't feel regreted. at least, i have always been on the road of seeking dream!



November 20, 2012

毛主席诗云:《清平乐 六盘山》1935年10月 ­

天高云淡,望断南飞雁。 ­

不到长城非好汉,屈指行程二万。 ­

六盘山上高峰,红旗漫卷西风。 ­

今日长缨在手,何时缚住苍龙? ­



我亲爱的博客朋友们,请你们试着朗读一下这首充满革命豪情气概的诗篇吧!读着读着,相信你会不由自主地沉浸其中,热血沸腾!是的,假如说从前“不到长城非好汉”,是我们无可奈何,是我们有想法没办法!!!那么今天,长缨已经漂洋过海来到我们身边,就看您是否愿意接还是不愿意! ­


请睁开眼吧,小心看吧!因为您已经不知不觉来到了E时代,互联网为每个有热爱生活的平凡人提供了一个充分施展才华的舞台, 网络时代标志着草根时代的来临,一个经济大洗牌的年代即将轰轰烈烈地展开旅程!如果您还没意识到E时代的车轮正在滚滚向前,历史趋势是任何人任何事物所不可逆转和阻挡的,那么您终将被这个E时代所淘汰,品尝自己亲手酿造的苦酒,成为社会的零余人!

但,假如您是位有理想,有渴望,有追求,有气度,有胸襟,有眼光的人,也许,下一个英雄就是您! ­

free counters 请相信,网络自有黄金屋,网络自有千斤力,网络自有颜如玉!这个时代,财富不在书本里,而藏在网络里。欢迎您的垂询,我愿与您一同分享网络财富之旅!
       书归正传!各位看官,请看:您绝对不容错过的网赚项目---PC! PC的创始人说,如果谁能在奖金制度上找出任何一个数学上的漏洞,证明该奖金制度无法持久稳健,将拿出100,000美金作为奖励。

本人QQ:  267440847   热忱希望 随时联系!

A Fool's Paradise

October 24, 2012

                                                          "A Fool's Paradise"

     Often I wonder whether I am crazy or just silly, otherwise I am living in a Fool's Paradise.  I spend most of my day living in my dreams to avoid the harsh realities of life.  I'm getting older, still single and living in a rented apartment.  I don't have anything of substance I can call my own.  By all measures, I feel I should be pitied, but despite all this, I find myself not feeling pitiful at all.  So am I crazy or silly?
          After having suffered a lot of fatal blows and losses,  I often doubt myself if I'm on the right road.  I still really believe blindly that someday i can succeed in earning money omline.   Zeek is just a temporary setback, warning me how hard the road to realizing the big dream will be, and full of thorns!!!   Otherwise anyone can easily succeed!!!  I remember a certain Zeek member forwarded me such a maxim via skype---Thought for the Day:
Let others cheer the winning man,
There’s one I hold worth while;
‘Tis he who does the best he can
Then loses with a smile.
Beaten he is, but not to stay
Down with the rank and file,
That man will win some other day,
Who loses with a smile.
     I'm still viewing 3 ads in PC  everyday and i also bought a 100 dollar ad pack in  BB  recently.  In fact, I have missed a great chance of earning money from it.  Two years ago, someone had introduced me to it, and even paid me the initial ad pack of 20 dollars. Pitifully, I failed to realize its value, because it charged me a monthly fee before i began to earn the commissions, and what's more, that sponsor didn't teach me how to work the program. I had to give it up. Now, this program is doing well. Those people involved  earlier have earned a lot of money in it. So I am continually trying my best to learn how to earn money in it now, but due to the lack of Chinese information about BB and proper sponsorship,  I have to fumble along the way alone just like I am trying to learn English by myself.  It's very hard (god knows how difficult it is for me to learn English when none around me can speak English in China.)

     But you---my dear american web lover--are my ultimate aim in this life, The hope of earning money online is my ONLY way to get access to my ultimate aim. Because it's so wonderful to be able to earn money online by breaking down the boundaries of time and space!  Thus, if someday I am really lucky go to USA by marrying you, I needn't  struggle on  seeking a  job to make a living at all!  We will have a happy marriage no matter which country we live in.  Oh, you see, now I'm just living in my illusions which sounds too fantastic.  Pitifully, I have been in this field of earning money online for nearly 5 years, and until now, it seems that I'm still a complete failure on earning money online. so I begin to say to you  if I can't succeed, I'll be ineligible to win your love, no chance to realize my dream all along, I won't implore you to go to China for me any more.  After all, how can a poor Chinese be blessed to marry an American, becoming an American citizen so easily?  It's really wishful thinking---"a fool's paradise"--more absurd and impractical than the attempt of earning money online.   Don't forget, in China, god knows  how many wealthy Chinese people are trying their best to save every penny in order to get their children to college in USA, their ultimate purpose is just for their children to get a green card and become an American citizen.  Now I have submitted myself to fate itself. If I'm bound to be poor to the cruel fate, I can't have complaints or regrets. However, I really don't know how many years I need to continue to live such a miserable and lonely life,  I don't know how the god will arrange for me!

     In fact, just this morning, while I was still in bed, I fancied that you're by my side, I caressed  you gently in my heart with limitless love.

     At the same time, I recited a beautiful Chinese essay" The Green" written by Zhu Ziqing, in my heart.  The writer, Zhu Ziqing, found a pool of green water, he couldn't help loving its green color so much. then he wrote such a beautiful and famous essay. In my heart, you're just like the "green water" in Zhu Ziqing's essay!

    (我若能裁你以为带,我将赠给那轻盈的舞女;她必能临风飘举了。我若能挹你以为眼,我将赠给那善歌的盲妹;她必明眸善睐了。我舍不得你;我怎舍得你呢?我用 手拍着你,抚摩着你,如同一个十二三岁的小姑娘。我又掬你入口,便是吻着她了。我送你一个名字,我从此叫你“女儿绿”,好么? )
     If I can cut you into ribbons, I'll donate them to the light-footed dance girl, she must fly in the wind with the bonds. (in China, there's a kind of dance with the long and colorful ribbons, I don't know if you have seen it on TV.)  If I can scoop you into the eyes, I'll present them to the blind singer girl , she must have the shining eyes and attractive looks. However, I hate to share you to others, yeah, how can I part with you? I pat and caress you gently, as if you're just a young girl of only 12-13 years old, I again hold you with both of my hands to my mouth, it's me who has kissed "her",ok? ("her" means that young girl of 12-13 years old.) I send you a name, from now on, I call you as the "daughter green"(there's a kind of Chinese matured wine in first-class named "daughter red". according to the Chinese folk custom,  this kind of wine was sealed and buried under ground  when the family's daughter was born, and only on the daughter's wedding, it can be allowed to open and enjoy.  The writer just compared " the green water" as good wine), Ok?

     Sorry for my clumsy English  translation, but you can imagine how the writer loves that pool of green water! How beautiful the green water is!  Oh, my dear, do you know you're more precious than "daughter green" in my mind?

      Yeah, I CAN'T part with you in my heart forever!




August 29, 2012



my ambition of earning money online

July 20, 2012
my dearest, (my ambition of earning money online--an email to my american weblover)

       hi, it's so great that you would like to help me post ad in zeek on weekend because i have no way to surf online at that time. but since i have 2 zeek accounts--one is mine, the other is my younger sister's.   we're both the downlines of that american sponsor.
     so i feel it's more proper to let him post ad on friday and saturday for those 2 accounts. of course, i can also tell you the passwords of them. but in order to continue to get his sincere help and support, i'm afraid that once he finds on friday and saturday, there's someone to enter the back office of this programme online, he will be doubtful and vigilant. i only share the passwords with him till now. he is just an expert of earning money online.
     what's more, he has ever had the record of earning 1,000 dollar online only within 6 days. so i should follow him tightly for learning from him well.
     yeah, you americans are very knowledgeable and smart. i always think how the western people can create so many kinds of methods of earning money. such as stocks, forex, hyip, mlm, oh, too many ways. chinese just need learn all those things from western people.

      last time, i read such an article. a young and beautiful american girl issued such a strange but intriguing question. she says that she is a young and beautiful girl, but why there's not any millionair to marry her? and on the other hand, she finds those wives of millionairs are not beautiful at all. it's why?
later, there's a real millionair who gave her a reply. that millionair tells her that the woman's beauty and youth are decreasing day by day, for any millionair, he never buys such a stock of devaluing, the real millionair only select to buy the increasing stock. so the real chance of dreaming to marry a millionair is less than being a millionair by yourself.

       it's so interesting,ok?  but i finally know why i can't marry myself off successfully all along.  in fact, when i was young, my dream was also to marry a millionair, at least, a rich person.
       now you see, the secret which  the rich people are so rich is that  they are good at investing very much. they always select the good investing programme, ok?

        yeah, for developing country, people are rather ignorant about financial investment, such as stock, forex,etc. especially for common chinese, we're very ignorant!(maybe chinese is good at giving birth to children-- in another sense, it can also be titled a kind of investment method. in china, it's such a proud and necessary thing to be upgraded into parents as soon as possible.)   just not long ago, i knew the origion of stock at the first time. do you know which country set up the first company offering stocks in the world? and do you know the history of the famous "uncharted water(the Age of Exploration and Discovery)" well?
       oh, i just watched a chinese TV programme on "the rise of great nations" shortly before . it's due to the ocean going, at the same time, it's also because portugal is a poor country with infertile land soil so that they must open a new way, marching to the unknown and boundless ocean for survival, firstly the Portuguese became very rich--the so-called "nouveau riche", and then followed by spain,   america also being found by Columbus sponsored by spanish royalty. at that time, most of  people failed to understand Columbus,  laughing at him, his idea was just so silly, a real joke-- going westward all along,  he unexpectedly dreamed to come into the legendary properous oriental countries like india and china so as to obtain the wealth and gold.
      but he firmly believed that the earth is round. he could absolutely  realize his dream by sailing  westward.  as a result, he really found the "the new world". later, the natherland rising suddenly,  then the UK becomes the NO.1 country in the world. after 2nd world war, the usa replaced UK again.

     so, being a chinese,  i still surpisedly notice that many unknown islands in the world such as Seychelles, Belize are mastered by either america or europe now.  of course, today's chinese can also remember its brilliant ancient history, but it's only the memory. 
       oh, who thrives, who withers away, only god knows!
       you see, i like reading history of the world so much. i have a lot of ideas in my mind, but i don't know that i should how to express myself. all in all, i stubbornly believe that in our internet era, the endless wealth must be hidden in the internet which is international. although i have met numerous of scams online, even incurring a heavy loss of money. i keep on believing like a fool. i know that once i succeed, i'll earn the money from all over the world, internet is a brand-new field, just like "the new land" found by columbus at that time, internet is everywhere and a limitless treasury , internet is a great tool which we must take also advantage of , and realizing the real value of internet which makes the earth become a real “global village". i seek the good programme just like sifting sands for gold. the real legal programme online is the real gold. a lot of scam programmes online are just like sands. i keep on looking for "gold" among a lot of scam programmes. i must admit that once a time, i feel completely despaired for programmes online. at that time, i even fell sick due to my failure of earning money online.
however, the Lady Luck doesn't want to give me up. i begin to find some ways and knacks of earning money from online step by step. oh, my god, oh, it has been over 5 years since i began to step on this unheard and lonely journey of earning money online by chance(oh, as for how to know the existence and feasibility of earning money in english programmes online, for such a common chinese as me, living in such a remote and closed place in reality, it's another long story). if i had known the weary and long hard (even very risky) time ahead before this would come to pass, i might have lost my courage. until recently, all my arduous efforts and exploration are starting to pay off gradually. it seems as if i finally seek out the magical incantation "open sesame" of Alibaba -- that famous arab folk story! i'm on the road leading to victory of winning the world!
oh, i know that my ambition sounds too unimaginable and crazy, maybe rather ridiculous! don't laugh at me. i just want to confide my mind to you honestly and passionately.

yeah, it's very true that there're a lot of cheaters online who extract money from innocent people.
but my view is that the real fearful thing for poor people is not exploring and adventuring, but lacking of equal chances to change miserable fates. at least, internet opens a door towards people from all over the world, offering a kind of possiblity, a new selection of becoming a huge success! countless facts from ancient to modern times have proved that for us, many times having the opportunity is more important than talents!
internet is just a great equal opportunity for people regardless of any races, any countries, any genders! we have been involved in an internet web inevitably whether we like it or not! it's our new homeland! i like internet!