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How an innocent person can be cheated by becoming friends with him in a social net working site

story of a cheat

It all started with a social site named tagged.com. But that site cannot be held responsible for what I am going to narrate. As in many social sites like facebook.com, myboomerplace.com, twitter.com, googleplus, etc. two persons became friends, one from India and other from UK. So, Mr.Peter from India met one Ms.Stella
from Edingburgh and started friendly relations. They slowly became closer and began online real time chat through Yahoo Messenger. Peter was a respectable man with a family and children and living peacefully. And according to Stella, she was a divorcee with two sons and living independently with her children.
According to her, she was working for a Natural Herbal Company as a medical consultant.
Her job included procurement of raw materials in the form of natural herbal seeds from other countries including India and deliver to her company at Edinburgh and getting payment for that, from the company. She had also made Peter believe that she had visited many places in India during her previous visits and the places in India included, Kochi, (the native state of Peter), Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi, Faridabad etc. And one day she told Peter, their company representative will be visiting India to procure a raw material named veronica herbal seed and he should help the man to get the supply without any difficulty. She also gave Peter about the source of supply and the telephone number of the person to meet and procure the seeds. For purchasing 100 packets of the seeds, an amount of 6000 dollars have to be spend, and Peter will be getting back about 15000 dollars when the man from the company arrives India and taking delivery of the materials. Also another purchase order was issued by her company to procure 500 packets. And stella insisted peter to buy the initial quantity of 100 packets with his money and keep it ready when the representative arrives India.
And Peter believed all these things and went to Faridabad and purchased 100 packets spending 6000 dollars from his pocket. After two days, the man from Edinburgh (Patrick Rhondo) arrived Mumbai and telephoned Peter about his arrival and asked him to wait till he reaches Trivandrum to take delivery of the material and the payment. And Peter waited.
Next day, another message from Patrick came to Peter stating that he had visited his embassy at Mumbai and according to the embassy people, the money cannot be taken to Trivandrum, and a bank account is to be opened at Mumbai, to transfer the money in Indian currency to Peter’s local bank account in Trivandrum. For opening the account some forms were send online and Peter completed the entries and forwarded it to the address which Patrick had given. After that another message came stating that some Indian rupees will have to be paid to the Bank at Mumbai, towards the transfer charges of the amount. The amount was Indian Rupees Two hundred and thirty five thousand equivalent to almost 5000 US dollars. And an account details was given by Patrick to transfer the amount. The details of the account was as follows:
Account Number: 00111000172965
Bank Name: HDFC
Bank code: IFST/FF/D/18011214.
And Peter transferred the money from his bank account to the above address. And Patrick told Peter to wait till hearing from the bank.
Next day, Patrick told Peter to open his mail account and see the letter from the bank. Yes, the letter from the bank was in his mail inbox. And as per directions given in that letter, Peter started to transfer the amount to his local bank account. It started fine, and the transfer was progressing percentage by percentage. When the percentage reached 42, the page became struck and will not go forward. So peter tried to find out what was wrong and contacted the persons from the bank from which the mail had come.
Then another mail came stating that, for transferring the amount, a code was to be recorded, and for getting the code, another amount of about 8000 dollars would be required. At this point, Peter became doubtful and started to rethink about the whole affair. Then slowly he came to understand about the whole situation. And at last found that the site was a phishing site. By that time his money worth 11000 dollars were already gone. Although he tried to contact Peter as well as stella, no response was available from them. The phone number given by stella was +447017047748 in which Peter communicated several times earlier. And the number of Patrick was +918860570879 from which he had contacted Peter. And the person who supplied the herbal seed was Sonia gupta and her number was 918860693032.
That was the story in which a poor man from India was cheated with 11000 US dollars worth of Indian Rupees. This needs to be circulated to all people who are doing something in internet, so that no one gets cheated in similar circumstances.
I also hope that if any person can give any advice as to how to trace the cheaters with the above telephone numbers and the bank account, I will be glad to hear from them. The numbers given were real at least at the times of the dealing which was the first week of June 2012. And Peter does not want to involve himself in any such scandals. And almost left the internet after this incident.