All about orange juice.

Orange juice is one of the most popular breakfast juices and also one of the top containing nutrients for many benefits. It will help for dehydration, fatigue, boost of energy levels and it will increase your metabolism. It is also equal to five servings of fruit per glass. Minerals within it will help boost your immune system. Foliate will help increase growth of skin and blood cells and this helps reduce inflammation of the heart which causes heart diseases.

Magnesium and potassium are also essential nutrients in oranges and orange juice. Those suffering with arthritis can benefit from drinking orange juice. It has an anti-inflammatory benefit as well which helps with arthritis. Oh and of course we can not forget the benefits of the large dose of Vitamin C we get per glass. Orange juice is popular for breakfast and it goes well with almost everything. With all of these benefits why would you not want to drink it?
Well with all of these benefits, are there any negatives? Or is orange juice just our one super fruit juice?

Well no, there are a few negatives. It is highly acidic and can be hard on a nauseous stomach. Also that acid can wear away at tooth enamel, so, remember to rinse your mouth well after drinking it