I welcome this opportunity to say something About Swom.

Throughout my life, I have traveled, live and worked in 38 of the United States and 55 or more countries around the world.

Now my active career as former US Navy, Business Entrepreneur, International Financial and Business Advisory Services and Success Coach has nearly come to an end at age 71.

My typical workday and Public Service always 12 or more hours a day. You can imagine the impact of going from 12 hour days to 0 hours after a 60 plus years of working can have on a person.

I always enjoyed having the privilege of meeting and mixing at all level of life in various cultures. Although I have been on the internet since its inception for my various businesses, only recently have I really discovered social networking, for me at it best, with Swom, its instant messaging dashboard is unlike any other that I have seen.

Members freely interact on almost all subjects, freely helping each other to be profitable and building a network through its various income alternatives.

Once again, I am alive and able to mix and connect with people from all over the world. As a Gold Member, I love the people so much that I stagger my hours to meet people from other timezones and parts of the world.

I am pleased to and freely offer my recommendation of Swom - A 6 star social networking site!http://swom.com/people/36756-dr-don-yates-sr-ph-d