I guess you may have all known that Facebook is the most influential social networking site that has millions of users or members. But not only Facebook stands out because there are other sites like Myspace, Google +, Orkut, Friendster, Twitter and a whole lot more.

But what is the right behavior when it comes to social network sites? Is there a standard that these online sites expect their members to follow? I do think there is but mostly, the members just forgot the idea that social network site is also open for abusers, hackers and so on.

So what should we do to protect ourselves from using such social network site? If you know anything about netiquette, then that is the solution. Treat other users with respect as they will also treat you the same. Using of vulgar words should not be the case to display your anger and disappointment. We should also remember that there are kids using the site who would have just faked their age just to “Get-IN” the trend.

Never ever display naked pictures or anything gross, vulgar, annoying or disturbing. You may not know who happens to open that picture or video. If you think that certain members display such, then don’t share it anymore, as simple as that. If the picture or video promotes violence and nothing educational, just don’t promote them too.

If there is someone asking for a friend request but you really don’t know them and they are not even related with your mutual friends online, I still strongly suggest that you reject them. It is a dangerous world out there, you may never know if the person you added was a serial killer, a potential burglar, a hacker or a stalker.

Always be concern about the technicalities since Sites do “Upgrade” so you need to adjust because you are a USER, not the OWNER of the site. Try to set a filter for your settings so that you will be secured and please never ever include your complete or true address and never give or display your contact number.

Now about passwords, I told a lot of my friends to never use the same password in their accounts. Your email should have a different password as your access password to social network site. Just use a notebook or organizer to write down those passwords so that it may come in handy and you will remember them. If you are not using your own computer and just renting, then I suggest never saving the password and just deleting those cookies in that rented computer so your account will be safe.

It only takes proper behavior in social networking sites. We don’t need to blame the site since it is there for a purpose of camaraderie. But it is up to us to keep safe and guard our identity. A parent should also know if their kids are already tuned in into such sites. They should encourage their children to focus more on studies and limit the usage of computers so that they will be kept safe.