Phantom Song

In the cool glow of summer nights

When the midnight curtains swim

I silently bath in soft blue light

Always trying to avoid the grim

But your shadow is eternally here

Forever perched upon my mantle

It’s the dark raven on my bedpost

The slow rolling drip of my candle

For the better part of fifteen years

I hopelessly grip my hamster’s cage

Trying to mimic a life without you

Forgetting where I spent my rage

Yet still I feel your hands on mine

A touch that smothers like a glove

We were too full of hellfire then

To ever name our kinship “love”

We did dance but it was rushed

Our lost youth in a frantic mosh

We shouted out to spite The Man

Never realizing what it would cost

The one last gift I wish for you

A phantom song beyond the grave

May you carry that teenage swagger

Down those streets of golden pave