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Are you proud to earn cash online

February 22, 2012

Are you proud of your ability to earn cash online?

It does not matter how much or how little you earn online, the fact is that you are better than millions of other internet users who do not earn a single cent online.

Many people surf the internet and waste a lot of precious time.

They play games. They join forums that do not pay a single cent. They search for information or just read blogs.

Some of them have Facebook account, Twitter account and other accounts in social networking websites.

The idea of using Internet to earn cash online never crosses their minds.

They know that everyone is talking about it. They see the advertisements about ways to make money online.

However, they are either too lazy or too skeptical about the concept of earning cash online.

That is why you should feel proud of your ability to earn cash online.

Even if you are spending all your time doing surveys or clicking advertisements in those PTC websites, you are making better use of your time.

The amount of money may not allow you to quit your full time job. The amount of money is not enough to pay off your mortgage or car loan.

However, any sum of money is better than no money at all.

As long as you know that making money online is possible, you will explore ways to make more cash online.

The best part about Internet is that it allows us to earn passive income.

When you finish an article and post online, you switch off the computer and go to bed. What happens during the time when you are sleeping?

The article gathers page views, since readers from other parts of the world are reading it. They will click on the advertisements display by Google Adsense. They may buy the products and services you have recommended. They may click through your affiliate links.

Your article has the potential to make a few cents or a few dollars while you are resting.

Imagine your joy when you see a commission of $20 from a single article.

Imagine the joy of seeing three clicks from a single article that make more than a dollar for you. You will feel so proud of your ability to earn cash online.

The accumulative effect of published article allows you to earn more money as you write more and more articles.

When you first started to earn cash online, you probably make just a dollar per month. However, the amount soon increases to ten dollars per month. As you continue in your writing and promotion effort, you will reach the mark of a hundred dollars per month.

That is the time when you start to think seriously about getting rich through online earning.

You know that it is possible to use internet to earn cash. You have experienced it. You encourage your friends to try.

The sad fact is that most of them will not even try. Some of them will try and then stop after a while.

They do not have the patience to wait for the passive income to grow.


Achievement in the poverty

January 13, 2012

Not all the people who achieved a lot in their life is born with silver spoon. In fact a lot of achievers are poor by their birth. They have lot of confidence and have faith with their effort and achieved their target with their hard work, efforts and determination. Even Bill Gates is also a poor person by his birth and he is the number one rich person in this world with his effort.

It is not mistake to took birth in poverty but it is big mistake to die in poverty

Really it is a great quote...

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I Noticed You

January 11, 2012

I Noticed You
By Depth Writer

I spotted you- all dark and opalescent
distinctly, your eyes ran across town
sounding down- a bell haloed inside you
on the glint, of glimmers burning
of average masterminded...

You didn't notice me- stagnant location
as you continued on, about your newspaper
it was an odd day- you battled awkward
in an extraordinary point, you called home
within a vapor-less point- I touched life

My mind opened its windows
...letting the air blow through
and the soul used its k...

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The Different Kinds and Forms of Governments

January 6, 2012

There are different Kinds and Forms of Governments. According to kinds, the governments can be classified into De Jure and De Facto. According to forms, the governments can be classified into Monarchy, Aristocracy and Democracy, and in relation with the extent of powers that is exercised by the national or the central government, as well as in relation with the relationship between the legislative and the executive.

As mentioned, the kinds of government can be classified into the De Jure and...

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Phantom Song

December 31, 2011

Phantom Song

In the cool glow of summer nights

When the midnight curtains swim

I silently bath in soft blue light

Always trying to avoid the grim

But your shadow is eternally here

Forever perched upon my mantle

It’s the dark raven on my bedpost

The slow rolling drip of my candle

For the better part of fifteen years

I hopelessly grip my hamster’s cage

Trying to mimic a life without you

Forgetting where I spent my rage

Yet still I feel your hands on mine

A touch t...

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Karl Marx and Failure of Communism

December 24, 2011

Karl Marx and Failure of Communism

The 21st century is on us and there is very little talked about Karl Marx and his concept of Socialism. However in the 19th century Karl Marx with his thesis 'Das Kapital' had struck a chord in the heart of the liberals and the revolutionaries. This was the period of what is known as the 'Industrial revolution' and Europe was the centre of a great manufacturing upsurge. Factories were being established everywhere and the capitalists were having afield day....

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Is China Following Karl Marx ?

December 24, 2011

Is China Following Karl Marx ?
In the ninteenth century the Industrial revolution was the breeding ground of Karl Marx's theory. Seeing the exploitation of the workers in the industrilized nation of Europe, he enunciated his economic theory which talked of equatable distribution of wealth among the working class and also the devolvement of political power  on them. Karl Marx  thought that his economic theory will lead to a revolution in the industrialized nations and the working class will co...

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The Great Meaning of Being a Muslim

December 9, 2011

Al-Hijira or Muharram begins in the month of December in 2011. Tenth day of Muharram is observed as the Day of Ashura, meant to be fasting day for the Muslims.

According to the Muslim tradition, this day commemorates the Passover when God saved Moses and the Israelites from Pharaoh in Egypt and helped them to cross the Red Sea. To be a Muslim has great meaning.

To be a Muslim means to be a believer of One God to Whom he surrenders himself. A Muslim believes that Allah is the Almighty Creato...

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something about swom

November 8, 2011

I welcome this opportunity to say something About Swom.

Throughout my life, I have traveled, live and worked in 38 of the United States and 55 or more countries around the world.

Now my active career as former US Navy, Business Entrepreneur, International Financial and Business Advisory Services and Success Coach has nearly come to an end at age 71.

My typical workday and Public Service always 12 or more hours a day. You can imagine the impact of going from 12 hour days to 0 hours after a ...

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practice of Meditation69

October 28, 2011


How to Meditate ?

This question is found with many people all over the world.

Before seeing How to Meditate ? we shall understand the meaning of the word meditation, meditation means that constant application of mind over a particular subject or continued concentration of the mind over a subject or image or it can be anything. Usually the image of god or guru is kept in order to gain peace of mind.

We can meditate u...

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