Is China Following Karl Marx ?
In the ninteenth century the Industrial revolution was the breeding ground of Karl Marx's theory. Seeing the exploitation of the workers in the industrilized nation of Europe, he enunciated his economic theory which talked of equatable distribution of wealth among the working class and also the devolvement of political power  on them. Karl Marx  thought that his economic theory will lead to a revolution in the industrialized nations and the working class will come to power. He talked of the 'dictatorship of the Proletariat'.

The fact of history is that the type of revolution envisaged by Karl Marx in the developed and industrialized nations never took place, but his theory spread in the east to Russia and China. Karl Marx had never envisaged a application of his theory in China or Russia. The Russian leader Vladmir Lenin did follow his theory, but his application was greatly flawed. He did not usher in the utopia of a workers paradise as advocated by Marx, but set about establishing a one party dictatorship that negated human values.

 Thus the lot of the worker in Russia degenrated to something little better than a serf.  Such a negation of human values  had its backlash and the comunist state was overthrown.

 In China, Mao tse Tung adapted the theory of Karl Marx to China. He was credited in changing the common denominator from worker to peasent.  In theory he talked of a workers and peasents government, but in reality he also negated all aspects of Karl Marx and establised a dictatorship and one party rule. In the name of socialism and 'enemies of the state', Mao caused the deaths of nearly 30 million Chinese.

 China professes that its is a socialist state and the workers are the rulers. In real terms the lot of the worker in China is worse than what it was during the Industrial revolution. The Chinese worker is an exploited man by the communist party. He is required to work on low wages, has no right to strike, has no political rights and cannot protest on any matter. This is not what Marx had thought off. The dream of a workers paradise and dictatorship of the proletariat is far away. In contrast the worker is bound  by dogma aof a one party rule and dictatorship with no rights.

 Thus China is not a state that follows the priciples of Karl Marx. Maybe at a later stage the essence of Marxism will be understood and a workers state may become a reality.