I Noticed You
By Depth Writer

I spotted you- all dark and opalescent
distinctly, your eyes ran across town
sounding down- a bell haloed inside you
on the glint, of glimmers burning
of average life...you masterminded...

You didn't notice me- stagnant location
as you continued on, about your newspaper
it was an odd day- you battled awkward
in an extraordinary point, you called home
within a vapor-less point- I touched life

My mind opened its windows
...letting the air blow through
and the soul used its key to understand
the reflection inside your eyes

The tears that flow like running rivers
down valleys of your carmine cheeks
The fears that grow like burbling slivers
around your mustard covered lips, satiny
and pressed against those window panes

Leaving a residue of your existence
clinging to the vigor you express...
the words unsaid, that puncture the hearts
of strangers...