I needed a new mobile phone desperately when the screen of my old Nokia phone got crashed accidentally. Hubby went to look online and saw what was being offered at Flipkart.com. It was a site that offers mostly gadgets for techies, electronic items, appliances, games and consoles, computers, cameras, mobile and so on.

He then compared the prices of the mobile named Lava B8 and found out that Flipkart.com is offering it for less so we took the opportunity to order it online. It was just easy to register and login to the site. The transaction went smoothly as well and after the transaction, there will be an email notification about your order and the next day will be the confirmation of their customer representative informing you about your order and the shipping status of the item that you ordered.

For me, this is the fastest and easiest way to buy such item. We do research for reviews about the product so we do know that what we bought was an advantage to us. It also took 4 business days for the order to come and again I can say that it was really fast and no hassle.

The delivered item was in good condition and much secured because it was a box inside a box. The package box was with bubble wrap and the mobile box was inside it. The prices that Flipkart.com offers are also reasonable that is why it attracts more customers. Furthermore, they do offer free shipping for products Rs100 above but that is within India. Sorry guys, they don’t ship internationally yet, that is the only downside of their site.

About the mode of payment, they accept major credit cards, debit cards, COD’s, Cheque/DD/ Money order. They also offer EMI’s for items which are Rs 4,000 above or equivalent to $85.00.

They also have a 30 day replacement guarantee just in case you have a problem about the item that you have ordered from them. So the buyer is really secured about ordering their items on Flipkart.com. Just be careful when you place your order and pay online. Be sure that you are using your own computer and not just renting it on a computer shop where online thieves can get access of your information so just be careful. So over all, I would give Flipkart.com 8 stars out of 10 as the highest for their service, for their product and delivery.