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Achievement in the poverty

Posted by gauze on Friday, January 13, 2012, In : other's blog 

Not all the people who achieved a lot in their life is born with silver spoon. In fact a lot of achievers are poor by their birth. They have lot of confidence and have faith with their effort and achieved their target with their hard work, efforts and determination. Even Bill Gates is also a poor person by his birth and he is the number one rich person in this world with his effort.

It is not mistake to took birth in poverty but it is big mistake to die in poverty

Really it is a great quote...

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I Noticed You

Posted by gauze on Wednesday, January 11, 2012, In : other's blog 

I Noticed You
By Depth Writer

I spotted you- all dark and opalescent
distinctly, your eyes ran across town
sounding down- a bell haloed inside you
on the glint, of glimmers burning
of average masterminded...

You didn't notice me- stagnant location
as you continued on, about your newspaper
it was an odd day- you battled awkward
in an extraordinary point, you called home
within a vapor-less point- I touched life

My mind opened its windows
...letting the air blow through
and the soul used its k...

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The Different Kinds and Forms of Governments

Posted by gauze on Friday, January 6, 2012, In : other's blog 

There are different Kinds and Forms of Governments. According to kinds, the governments can be classified into De Jure and De Facto. According to forms, the governments can be classified into Monarchy, Aristocracy and Democracy, and in relation with the extent of powers that is exercised by the national or the central government, as well as in relation with the relationship between the legislative and the executive.

As mentioned, the kinds of government can be classified into the De Jure and...

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