Not all the people who achieved a lot in their life is born with silver spoon. In fact a lot of achievers are poor by their birth. They have lot of confidence and have faith with their effort and achieved their target with their hard work, efforts and determination. Even Bill Gates is also a poor person by his birth and he is the number one rich person in this world with his effort.

It is not mistake to took birth in poverty but it is big mistake to die in poverty

Really it is a great quote which is having a in depth meaning. Poverty is not a factor for a willing person, if you have confidence and interested in achieving a lot in your field, surely you will achieve it with your interest and efforts. Lot of people come forward to help the Merit scholars.

A lot of living examples are available to prove about the young talents. Not all the talented persons are blessed with lot of money, but they have talent, skills, effort and confidence and come forward using this factors. We must encourage this kind of young talents if we know any of them. Poverty don't have the ability to stop our achievement, if we set an aim and work hard to achieve it, surely we will get the high extent in our life with our poverty too.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Set your will and find your way to achieve in your life. Never lose your confidence, it is the key for your success.