A Short Story

She wonder what he would look and be like when God would finish molding him, but he had no thought that he would go through the refiners fire.Oh he never paid it no attention at all.

Well you see God had asked him to give it all up for the sake of his own life and the love ones in his life, but he thought it was too much to let go. Late nights out with the buddies, strong drink until he didn’t know what he was saying at times, strip bars, or porn flicks, chasing women of any age just to get a kick. He lost the respect for the woman of his life.

She felt the unfaithfulness. But kept her peace and kindness toward the man she said she loved.

One day she was asked “How do you do it? You know he is cheating on you!

The wife said “I pray”

It is a great trail for the both of us and an addiction for him.

He’s even gone back to school; he said he needs more schooling. He’s just stilling more time to keep from living in reality. That’s another lie he is telling me and himself.

But I let that go as well.

Doesn’t that worry you? She was asked.

Sometimes it do but, “I pray”

Even though it is hell to be here it is also hell to be who he is. So “I pray”

The day will come that we both will know why we stayed and why I never strayed.

He walked into the house one morning after an all nighter,

The house was silent but a different feeling.

He could hear a whispering voice so he proceeded to follow the sound. He got to the door and stood there listening.

Has he stood there he began to cry, and step away from the door.

The husband walked back out the house.

He said “Lord I’m man enough to say I’m sorry. I never knew I was hurting your child. Please forgive me is my plea.”

God ask him “why are you leaving?”

The husband said “Lord if you give me another chance to make it all up to your child. I will go to that old fishing place where she and I first meet and empty myself at that spot. I want you to wash me clean oh Lord.

When I enter my home again I will be a new man.

He got to that place on the lake and he walked over and kneeled down at the water edge and began to pray:

“Heavenly Father I have sinned against the two people that love me the most.

I make no excuses for my wrongs, my wrongs have no explains. I’ve felt your left hand and have seen your right hand as a shadow of covering and never acknowledge she was praying for me.

Touch my tongue with the coals from you alter,

Purify my mind and heart.

He arose and walked out in the water ankle deep

“Wash and anoint my feet so that I may walk with you.”

He walked out knee deep.

“Wash and anoint my knees that I may be humble and bow before you.

He went out waist deep.

“Purge me Father from all my uncleanness that I may be acceptable unto you.

He proceeded to the chest

“Make my heart to know your ways for your ways are higher than my ways”

He proceeded to the neck

“Make your word a shield and buckler to my neck and place your yoke of freedom upon me”

He went down into the water

The water edge
The water edge


“Unto you Father I commit my ways and my life. Let not thy wrath be upon me, that I may live”

Minutes pass it seem the end. Had God not forgave and took his life?

The water was still as though he had never entered.

Had hell swallowed him up?

Was he still seeing the left hand if God?

Was someone still praying for him?

There was a current in the water like a black hole.

Was he gone?

A cloud, than the sun broke through and the hole released him to the top.

He came up shining like the sun praising God.

“Father thanks for being my judge on this day. I have life and peace today.

When your right and left hands come together I know it is unto salvation.”

He returned home and opened that door he had stood by earlier and there she was waiting for the new man.

“He said forgive me, I love you, and thanks for praying for me. God has made me a new man”.

She took his hands and looked into his eyes and said “I know I was there in the presence of my father when you ask him to purge you from your uncleanness

God has turned my tears of sorrow into joy like morning dew

Because I prayed I have a new man.(c) Sharon Smith3/23/2012