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I miss the way you touched me
Deep down on the inside,
The way you looked deep into my eyes.

The look that said I love you
But I found not to be true.
For you say you love another
And broke my heart in two.

I long for your tender touch
For I love you so very much,
My heart yearns
For your love in return
But my love you did spurn.

But, I'm glad to have
Made your acquaintance
For the awakening in me
Those feelings that were
Hid deep down inside of me.

I miss you when you're not around
I long to be with you.
It doesn't matter when or how
I just want to see you
If only for a little while.

These words cannot all
My feelings express
I love you still
And I wish you the best.

Amelia Evelyn White

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