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    it reminds me of the famous malaysia casino named "yunding"云顶!   since when i was in yunding casino, i have ever seen such kind of slot gambling machine.   at that time, i felt so amazing and puzzled.  in china, there's no official casino. the chinese government doesn't allow the existence of offical gambling.  there's a big difference between china and malaysia about gambling. but  now i think it's just so fun and exciting for us to play a gambling with very little money occasionally, which is absolutely a good way to add some spice to our boring common life!  how do you think so?
    oh,  i have written a blog  about my visiting to malasia last time, it seems i forgot to refer to the casino which is considered illegal in china, not fitting in with the traditional chinese values.   the so-called yunding casino is just situated on the top of a huge mountain, not far from the kuala lumpur--the capital of malaysia . our malaysian chinese guide just told us that it originated from a malaysia chinese whose father died when he was very young.    later with the help of his uncle in nanyang(南洋), he  left his hometown--a village rich in tea in south china to malaysia for making a better living.  at that time, the chinese call the malaysia as nanyang,  a lot of chinese were flocking to malaysia with the dream of seeking the wealth. since there had been found a vast TIN ore, that's how malaysian pewter is so famous and popular. 
      it's a truth that some chinese lost their lives in exploiting the tin resource hidden in the malaysian virigin forest. it's said that at the beginning there's a kind of poisonous gas in the forest which can cause death.  but gradually people knew how to deal with this poisonous gas, some lucky chinese unexpectedly really raked in the money from the TIN resouse. oh, it's difficult for us to imagine how wealthy they have been now!  a visible example is that the present malaysian imperial palace was transformed from a chinese's private house. that chinese made so much money in TIN resource that he married 14 wives all together. of course, he needed to possess a big,big garden house to settle his large family. when the malaysia declared independence from the british colonialism, the new malaysian government had no time to build the new imperial palace, this chinese private garden house must accept it new fate and mission. magically,  it was immediately changed into a typical islamic style of architecture by adding an "onion" (oh, i call it as an onion. it's just the symbol of islamic building.) on each roof.  however,  this story sounds somewhat bitter for me.
    oh, as for the founder of yunding casino, he was just the one of the lucky chinese going to nanyang. at first, he was a small worker in a wooden factory in malaysia.  following the coming of the second world war, the japanese army entered in malaysia, so the british colonial power  began to evaculate, pitifully they couldn't go away with those enormous and heavy machinary equippment, thus this young chinese named  wutong lin(林梧桐)  bought them with the cheapest price. till  the second world war was over, the british government came back to malaysia again, naturally they needed a lot of machinary equippment again. wutong lin sold them with a high price, making the first bucket of gold in life from it.  at the same time, he also luckily married a knowledgable pretty lady from a noble chinese family. she could speak both in chinese and english, no doubt she was a great help in his future business. you can say that  wutong lin was just similar to an illiteracy, he had no chance to be educated in the school due to the poverty in his youth.
    step by step, his business became more and more successful. one day when he was in the intervals of  guiding the laborers to work on a project in a mountain, a cool breeze passed by. oh, how comfortable and precious it was! don't forget, the malaysia is just the topical climate. the burning hot is all year around. at that time, it seemed as if he also heard that famous chinese song  lingering in his ears from a distance.
    "oh, evening primrose, evening primrose, i sing a song for you!  how refreshing and cool the evening breeze is coming!...only the evening primrose is yielding the sacrifice of fragrance!"
     the melodious song lyrics accompanied with the special sweetness of that singer were really so intoxicating that he couldn't help having a bold idea. if only people in malaysia could stay and enjoy life in the mountain!  he wanted to build a large-scale entertainment just on the top of the mountain for entertainment. 
    he is not only a great dreamer, but also a true doer. once something formed in his mind, he would realize it at all costs.  finally he got a chance to be the owner of  a whole mountain near kuala lumpur!
    at first, he planned to name his casino  "silver peak" or "goldpeak".   but his wife advised that it should be" yun ding". in chinese, yun 云 means cloud. ding 顶 means peak. oh, it's right, yunding is a name more matching the reality than "silver peak" or "gold peak".  since when people standing out side the entertainment on the top of the mountain, you can feel  you're just surrounded by a sea of cloud. looking ahead, all the  white etherial  clouds are permeating through the trees and deep valleys carefreely. people can't help doubting if they have the honour to be entered in a fairy world, instead of the mortal world.
  of course, i ignore the terribly difficult process of builing the yunding casino. it's said that wutong lin himself  worked and lived with his workers in the mountain for the whole 3 years.  during the early road-breaking,  even in a tiny path leading to the top of the mountain  there was also the worker devoted his life. so some people criticized that the yunding was just a dead man's hill. apart from the death of builders themselves, there're a lot of people immersed in gambling so as to lose their savings and lives. it's said now the malaysian government has forbidden the local islamic malaysian  to play gambling in yunding casino.
      most of the gamblers coming to yunding are just the foreingers. on this point, it's just like the casino in macro.
     but for me, that kind of slot gambling machine in yunding casino is so funny and interesting. i've never seen and heard of it before in china. i also remembered that i just curiously asked a malaysian chinese sitting in a gambling machine how to play it. unhappily at that time, i can't follow it well. when i met the Liberty Reserve Head Tail Game website, i suddenly understood the principle of gambling machine. so simple!