oh, all my dear international friends, although the title of my article is "the value of MLM", i just want to invite you to read a small story. thus i believe that you can realize the "value of MLM" by yourselves spontaneously.

 english is an international language. i think it's enough to speak english when you go to any other countries. oh, in malaysia, at any rate, i feel my broken english is also a help for me, such as when we wanted to find the toilet(??ce suo), the local malaysian waiter in the restaurant could't follow any chinese, when my chinese partner tried to explain it hard to him, i just plugged one word "toilet", he immediately understood it and told us where the toilet was. i felt so glad.
   of course,some partners have been to foreign countries before. and that male leader in my photos was even an english translator before. i have told you that i think i'm the poorest person among them. one of them just came back from usa not long ago who said the chocolate in usa was cheaper than malaysia, since the guide was recommending us to buy chocolate which was the local product in malaysia at that time. yeah, there're a lot of coffee in malaysia,too. and much cheaper than china. pitifully for me, they're too, too bitter.
   and there's also a kind of sauce whose name i don't know. oh, it tastes so odd that i can't endure it. i never ate it before, but one of my partners said it's very delicious, since she's a rich lady and often ate the western-style food in china. in the morning buffet dinner, some strange sauce and snacks i've never seen before. i just selected some of food similar to chinese food. because i don't know how i should match them to eat.
   oh, and i also don't know how to use the settings in airplane. when the air staff sent each us a piece of airphone, oh, so funny, i don't know for what the airphone is.
   later when i took plane from malaysia to hk, my neighbour was just a young girl from india who was a college student in hk university. oh, i finally realize the purpose of the airphone, she is wearing the airphone to watch the TV on the back of the chair. it's via airphone that people can hear the voice of TV programme.
   and i also don't know how to use the remote control gadget hiding in the chair.  oh, i can't discribe it. all in all, i'm like a complete idiot.   when i took it out from the arm of chair, i couldn't replace it untill that indian girl told me to press a  key, oh, so amazing, it recoiled immediatly automatically.
   of course, i don't want to give up any chance to make friends with that indian girl. i took effort to communicate with her. she is also rather friendly. so when we got off the plane, i asked for her email address in order to keep in touch later,  she agreed. and also leaving her name roshini.
   as soon as i arrived in china, i couldn't wait to write her email, sharing my photos in malaysia to her. pitifully, the result is unexpectedly that my email was sent back automatically. evidently, her email address is not true. or there's a specail setting on her email address in order to prevent the strange mails from disturbing.
   oh, god knows how disappointed i am! i don't follow why she did so. oh,it seems even if i have gone abroad, i still fails to make friends with foreigners. 
   maybe she didn't believe in me from the beginning. she just didn't want to refuse me openly in the airplane. after all, she is still a young college student.
   now you see, how precious and rare the true friendship and trust between people is!  even if i just sat near her for 3 hours, chatting with her a little, in her mind, i'm still a stranger!

oh, all my dear international readers, now i think you must understand why i love MLM culture so much. after all, in MLM, if your sponsor wants to earn money, above all,  he/she should take the initiative to win your friendship.  even if she/he is a complete stranger,  good or bad, she/he will treat you as an intimate friend. absolute trust, absolute success!  in MLM, you'll never feel lonely!  you can have an international family full of love and passion.