several days ago, my younger sister  especially called  me to go shopping for clothes in her working city. i happily agreed.  in china, if you want to find a variety of beautiful clothes, you should go to the bigger city.   since i live in a small and remote city, you can say it's just similar to a big town. i'm  always  troubled by  lack of the proper clothes.   it's the reason why i need go shopping in my sister's place.

      thank godness, my sister was  just assigned to work in  this new city.  oh,  the feeling is so great when you have a chance to go to a strange city for shopping and relaxion, and no need to worry where you should live. because there's the free room for you. since i can live with my sister for free.  

      after taking the long-distance bus for more than 4 hours, i finally arrived at the destination.  i immediately sent a mobile message to my sister. soon later she turned up in the bus stop to greet me, and guided me to her  working unit, where we were provided the hot  bath for free every day. and we also did some cooking since there were some fresh vegetables for free to eat in the yard,too. so many times, i feel that  we shouldn't  judge  one's  wealth by the pure money,  the money is not so important.  the most important thing is if you can own the free services and resources!  maybe it's just the value of friendship and love and mutual help. 

     undoubtedly,  i enjoy the shopping with my sister very much. we not only went to the  large , air-conditioned stores, also to  the several crowded flea markets. and eating  the delicious snacks willfully such as the  sugar coated haws, sugar coated chinese yam on a stick, fried peas jelly, etc.    of course, my main mission was to buy a well-satisfied clothes successfully. so when i finally found a long down jacket, i even felt at ease.  for i looked for this kind of long-style clothes in the shops of  my working place for a long time, pitifully i failed in it.    god knows how i need a long new clothes to keep warm in our cold winter!   although at that time,  my younger sister reminded  me that she felt the clothes was rather expensive, and i was also not very content with its color and size, but i desired to get a long coat too much, i still decided to buy it.  

       as a result,  when i came back to check the price of my clothes in the same brand  online, i realized it's much cheaper than mine. oh, how regreted i was!    if only i knew that  there're a lot of long coats online smilar to this one earlier!  in this link, , it shows that the clothes is just completely  the same as mine,    its price is only 328.35 chinese yuan. however, it cost me  490 chinese yuan. i  unexpectedly spent the extra more than 150 chinese yuan to buy the same clothes on the webstore.  and i also unexpectedly  went to buy it in such a place far from me, it's not really worth it.

     and my younger sister also bought a coat.    when i check the price of this coat by inputting the same brand and model number online, i find it's a little more expensive than we bought in reality. so it's rather economical for us to buy that coat.   you may as well open this page to have a look, my sister only spent 330 chinese yuan to get it.  while  the lowest price online also reaches up to  345 chinese yuan.     oh, i  admire my younger sister very much.  she  can buy the proper clothes in good quality in the least money. she is always selective in the dress.  you see, except that her coat is cheaper than the lowest price in webstore.   i also noticed that her clothes is really in good quality. ----very light and soft, but very warm! which proves that it's made of the finest  duck feathers. not like mine, when wearing it, so heavy and clumsy.

    i can‘t help being angry with myself. why can't i make good use of the money all the while? why can't i measure which kind of clothes should be expensive or cheap well? 

     so the shopping for clothes is absolutely a big knowledge.   it's said that  in china, now there're some people living in the big city who try on the different styles of clothes on the shops in reality on purpose, once they meet the form-fitting clothes,just secretly  taking down the brand and model number of the clothes, then comparing with the same clothes in the webstore, if the price online is much cheaper, they will choose online shopping so that they can save a sum of money. after all,  just as this old saying,  A penny saved is a pound earned!

      P.S. one of my american webfriends said that If i bought that coat in America, it probably would have cost me much more. he looked up a similar coat which cost me 490 yuan in America and found it to sell for about 685 yuan.  if so, my dear international webfriends,  why can't we take full advantage of the worldwide internet---the greatest  tool and platform  in our era  to save money, i.e, earn money?  let's help each other from now on!

      if you're interested in buying some certain of  clothes from china,  please feel free to contact me. it's my greatest pleasure to be your free service and resource!