i was born in the country in china. for me, internet and MLM culture are absolutely the 2 miracles in my life,which i know will be meant to help my dream come true.
i'm a big dreamer all along! even if i i just lived in a remote mountain village without any chance to contact with the outside world in my early 20's. at that time, i don't know what the mobile phone is, i don't even know the presence of computer/internet! i haven't anything. i still remember those nights dancing with so many big mice since i must sleep in that very old adobe room with a broken roof and leaking walls. in summer, there came a great swarm of lies; in winter,i could see rats running cross my quilt.worse still, the people around me were all so cold-blooded and detached. oh, my god, the feeling of poorness both in spirit and material is unexpectedly so terrible. however, nothing can prevent me from dreaming.
i dream someday i can travel all over the world, i dream someday i can meet my knight in shining armor, i dream someday i can wear the most precious jewelry, living as a princess. i even dream i can be famous someday! i am always laughed at for being a person who hits her wagon to a star.
so in whatever situation, i insist in not giving up my dream. even if i am tortured to death by the poorness, loneliness, invisible spritual shackles,etc.
but, once a time, i really wanted to end my life because i really could't find any hopes and prospects in the future.my ex-boyfriend betrayed and ruined my scared love cruelly,leaving me in the abyss of despair. you know, for most of chinese women, family is just their only religious belief!
in that very hour, MLM is like a beam of the sunshine, opening a brand-new world for me, where everyone is so friendly and passionate!
In this big family, there is "always the first place to help others" values, "a world, a team, a dream!" oh, i'm just like that little overjoyed surf singing in the boundless sea full of love. my dreams have been sublimated and merged into this great brand-new internet era!
i'm so proud of being a member of creating the new human historical chapter!
and luckily enough, i have also met a priceless treasure online--my great helper, my real prince from usa who named me gina,since i'm originally a countryside girl!
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thank you all!