but i still think that zeek is a wonderful attempt. the failure is the mother of success! the cause of failure in zeek IS that the boss can't design a perfect system, so some members in zeek can earn money too much and too quickly. if the boss of zeek can limit and control them, zeek will win i think.
of course, i have no ability to explain all these things. all in all, it's just my instinct. in these days, i always think why zeek fails, why i fail, losing my money.
at the beginning, the reason i believe in zeek IS only because of my american sponsor. since i admire american so much. i feel it's a great honor to make friends with american. so when he tried his best to help me post ads in zeek, i was so moved and honored. i want to own his international friendship more than earning money via zeek. because i value the friendship from american so much.
however, we are all ignorant. we're all not the good investors. we all lack of the common knowledge about finance theory. what's more, all programmes are written in english, i have no chance to really understand the content and essence of those programmes online in english. i only feel honored to have an american sponsor, to own the friendship from american. so naive, so funny.
so when i met that singapore company again recently, i got the chance to read the chinese information about that programme. i think i begin to understand which one is the trustworthy and reasonable programme. i can't help admiring the wisdom of that singapore chinese.
i feel rather surprised that such a perfect and advanced system was unexpectedly from a singapore chinese who speaks chinese like me just 5 years ago. i still remember that at that time, my american zeek sponsor told me that zeek was the only legal and trustworthy and reasonable programme online in the world. (he believed in zeek so much that he lost the whole 4000 dollar in zeek. i think it must be the most failing experience in his life.) and we can earn money by buying bids of auction bids. i feel so fresh, i feel the western people are so advanced. but so strange, 5 years ago, that singapore company has included the penny auction online. and more complete and perfect, and more stricted and scientific! too surprised! and 5 years ago, a chinese had mentioned this singapore programme to me, pitifully i missed it just like i missed BB 2 years ago.
oh, the life is full of odd things!

but now the zeek is still in a thick of lawsuit. i don't know the final result. i just have a premonition that it's impossible for zeek to come back again. then i'll lose my 300 dollar in zeek forever.
but zeek is still a great pioneer. it has spread all over the world ! the zeek members from all over the world even including me even signed the petition online to american white house, to the president Obama. oh, just like a vigorous revolutionary movement! but i don't regret to join zeek. i have learned some of knowledge from it i think. recently in china, a company named hongtong which was created by an american chinese was also shut down by the chinese goverment.  it's said that  it's also like zeek, lasting for more than 2 years. its members can earn money too much and too quickly. so it collapsed at last. but its system is just like that singapore programme. why they look the same in appearance , the results are so different? it's a good topic to learn and talk and share! but i also believe that the boss of hongtong is not a scammer,too. on the contrary, he is a rich and successful american chinese in the american high society before, otherwise he can't have the chance to take a group photo with the president obama. ( i have seen his photo with the president obama) but he just failed to control the increasing scale of his programme like the boss of zeek. i think it must be something similar to the stock marketing bubble bursting!
but just as i wrote in my blog--my ambition of earning money online!

oh, Who thrives, who withers away, only god knows! i don't feel regreted. at least, i have always been on the road of seeking dream!