my dearest, (my ambition of earning money online--an email to my american weblover)

       hi, it's so great that you would like to help me post ad in zeek on weekend because i have no way to surf online at that time. but since i have 2 zeek accounts--one is mine, the other is my younger sister's.   we're both the downlines of that american sponsor.
     so i feel it's more proper to let him post ad on friday and saturday for those 2 accounts. of course, i can also tell you the passwords of them. but in order to continue to get his sincere help and support, i'm afraid that once he finds on friday and saturday, there's someone to enter the back office of this programme online, he will be doubtful and vigilant. i only share the passwords with him till now. he is just an expert of earning money online.
     what's more, he has ever had the record of earning 1,000 dollar online only within 6 days. so i should follow him tightly for learning from him well.
     yeah, you americans are very knowledgeable and smart. i always think how the western people can create so many kinds of methods of earning money. such as stocks, forex, hyip, mlm, oh, too many ways. chinese just need learn all those things from western people.

      last time, i read such an article. a young and beautiful american girl issued such a strange but intriguing question. she says that she is a young and beautiful girl, but why there's not any millionair to marry her? and on the other hand, she finds those wives of millionairs are not beautiful at all. it's why?
later, there's a real millionair who gave her a reply. that millionair tells her that the woman's beauty and youth are decreasing day by day, for any millionair, he never buys such a stock of devaluing, the real millionair only select to buy the increasing stock. so the real chance of dreaming to marry a millionair is less than being a millionair by yourself.

       it's so interesting,ok?  but i finally know why i can't marry myself off successfully all along.  in fact, when i was young, my dream was also to marry a millionair, at least, a rich person.
       now you see, the secret which  the rich people are so rich is that  they are good at investing very much. they always select the good investing programme, ok?

        yeah, for developing country, people are rather ignorant about financial investment, such as stock, forex,etc. especially for common chinese, we're very ignorant!(maybe chinese is good at giving birth to children-- in another sense, it can also be titled a kind of investment method. in china, it's such a proud and necessary thing to be upgraded into parents as soon as possible.)   just not long ago, i knew the origion of stock at the first time. do you know which country set up the first company offering stocks in the world? and do you know the history of the famous "uncharted water(the Age of Exploration and Discovery)" well?
       oh, i just watched a chinese TV programme on "the rise of great nations" shortly before . it's due to the ocean going, at the same time, it's also because portugal is a poor country with infertile land soil so that they must open a new way, marching to the unknown and boundless ocean for survival, firstly the Portuguese became very rich--the so-called "nouveau riche", and then followed by spain,   america also being found by Columbus sponsored by spanish royalty. at that time, most of  people failed to understand Columbus,  laughing at him, his idea was just so silly, a real joke-- going westward all along,  he unexpectedly dreamed to come into the legendary properous oriental countries like india and china so as to obtain the wealth and gold.
      but he firmly believed that the earth is round. he could absolutely  realize his dream by sailing  westward.  as a result, he really found the "the new world". later, the natherland rising suddenly,  then the UK becomes the NO.1 country in the world. after 2nd world war, the usa replaced UK again.

     so, being a chinese,  i still surpisedly notice that many unknown islands in the world such as Seychelles, Belize are mastered by either america or europe now.  of course, today's chinese can also remember its brilliant ancient history, but it's only the memory. 
       oh, who thrives, who withers away, only god knows!
       you see, i like reading history of the world so much. i have a lot of ideas in my mind, but i don't know that i should how to express myself. all in all, i stubbornly believe that in our internet era, the endless wealth must be hidden in the internet which is international. although i have met numerous of scams online, even incurring a heavy loss of money. i keep on believing like a fool. i know that once i succeed, i'll earn the money from all over the world, internet is a brand-new field, just like "the new land" found by columbus at that time, internet is everywhere and a limitless treasury , internet is a great tool which we must take also advantage of , and realizing the real value of internet which makes the earth become a real “global village". i seek the good programme just like sifting sands for gold. the real legal programme online is the real gold. a lot of scam programmes online are just like sands. i keep on looking for "gold" among a lot of scam programmes. i must admit that once a time, i feel completely despaired for programmes online. at that time, i even fell sick due to my failure of earning money online.
however, the Lady Luck doesn't want to give me up. i begin to find some ways and knacks of earning money from online step by step. oh, my god, oh, it has been over 5 years since i began to step on this unheard and lonely journey of earning money online by chance(oh, as for how to know the existence and feasibility of earning money in english programmes online, for such a common chinese as me, living in such a remote and closed place in reality, it's another long story). if i had known the weary and long hard (even very risky) time ahead before this would come to pass, i might have lost my courage. until recently, all my arduous efforts and exploration are starting to pay off gradually. it seems as if i finally seek out the magical incantation "open sesame" of Alibaba -- that famous arab folk story! i'm on the road leading to victory of winning the world!
oh, i know that my ambition sounds too unimaginable and crazy, maybe rather ridiculous! don't laugh at me. i just want to confide my mind to you honestly and passionately.

yeah, it's very true that there're a lot of cheaters online who extract money from innocent people.
but my view is that the real fearful thing for poor people is not exploring and adventuring, but lacking of equal chances to change miserable fates. at least, internet opens a door towards people from all over the world, offering a kind of possiblity, a new selection of becoming a huge success! countless facts from ancient to modern times have proved that for us, many times having the opportunity is more important than talents!
internet is just a great equal opportunity for people regardless of any races, any countries, any genders! we have been involved in an internet web inevitably whether we like it or not! it's our new homeland! i like internet!