my dear reader, i think you must have heard of the famous english author "Virginia Woolf ",ok? but then have you read her famous article" a spot in the wall" ? it's said it's just a classical essay in the technique of "stream of conciousness".

       i still remember when i read the eassy "a spot in the wall", i felt so strange and incredible. how could the author unexpectedly associate only a small spot in the wall with a wide variety of things?

       today a webfriend from england asked me if i  was really interested in  the MLM programme on buying gold online, i  had to express regret over it.  since just like china is not open to most of MLM programmes selling the physical products online,  and as a rule, only in the specific banks are people allowed to buy and sell the gold in china. he went on to say if i could promote  this MLM company until it got the final confirmation for china. i replyed that i was afraid it would be rather difficult.   if only  you knew how hard and tortuous the process of  the famous amway company from usa being legitimate is in china!   it's not up to me.     suddenly my attention was  drawn by his small photo in skype. oh, the deep-set eyes, straight bridge of the nose, especially the cunning smile on the cornors of the month, how smart and handsome this young white man was!

     i couldn't help saying to him: it reminds me of the intelligence from england --the empire on which the sun never sets . maybe english people are really smartest in the world.

   this photo continued to inspire me so that i began give free rein to my imagination! just to recall the gorgeous history of the empire on which the sun never sets means! its colonies spread all over the world, including asia, africa, europe, america,etc. oh, how proud and glorious a citizen in engliand has been! 

     i also remember clearly when i was a student, i liked the world history very much. our history textbook just told us that the colonial leader from england was living an extravagant and comfortable life in his indian colony. but until last year i luckily got a chance to go to malaysia via the ecosway MLM company which was the first time for me to go abroad, i knew that malaysia has also unexpectedly been a colony of england. and also being told that it's just in 1975 that england handed back independance to malaysia! for me, all these informations are so fresh. i never knew the existence of "commonwealth countries" before. it's said after the indian independance movement guided by the gandi succeeded, the english government began to take the initiative to hand back independance to its colonies all over the world one after the other without any struggles. thus these colonies getting the independance constitute the new "commonwealthy countries" which are independant to each other, but still connected more or less with england. because they're all loyal to the english queen.

    and i couldn't help wondering what if china was also a colony of england at that time! at least, i needn't learn english so hard now. and i can communicate and do this MLM business on buying gold online with so many people of different colors from all over the world including the "commonwealth countries" easily and conveniently! pitifully china is still such a closed country without enough freedom now. not only is the language a barrier for us to keep in touch with the world, but we even can't own a facebook ID which has just been blocked by the chinese authority. oh,  my biggest dream is just to travel the world.   to see now what i can do! only to dream in a little room, facing the computer. i have no wings to fly to embrace the world. i even thought if i must have the second life, i wanted to a glorious chosen person from the empire in whose territory the sun also never sets, instead of a chinese! oh, is it possible? or is it just a super-dream of the MLM empire in my mind--a humble chinese girl's mind? (if it's impossible, but why the this vision of super MLM empire where the sun also never sets stays deeply in my mind so vividly?)

    oh, god knows with what my small photo here can be associated!
P.S. the last but not least, as for the so-called MLM company on buying the physical gold in bullion, i don't know if it's available all over the world due to the different laws in the different countries. it's still a question of legality or illegality. if you want to have a try to buy the gold online, protecting yourself from tax and inflation rises which wipe out an average wage, please remember to do more research about this new-born company.

(anyone can buy some phyisical gold in bullion from it if the country you're living is open to this KB programme. yeah, it's still good to have some knowledge about the different laws in different countries. now i have known such a fact that the gold in bullion is forbidden to mail according to the international mailing law. but there's a carrier that is specially trained and bonded for high value delivery to help the KB company to deliever the gold to its different active countries. it sounds so interesting, ok? but that webfriend didn't tell me the name of this carrier.
it's the same case as the beginning of amway in china. all the business actions seemed to be done stealthily. just a few chinese elites who now are just the successful amway leaders followed the value of the MLM business model in details. it's the reason why amway company came to china in 1995, but it's until 2006 that i knew the existence of MLM--the fresh business model at the first time. of course, i have heard of so-called "pyramid sale" before which the chinese government always announced illegal and deceitful. until 2006, the chinese government suddenly published a new regulation, saying amway as well as some famous and powerful international MLM companies originated from usa or other developed country such as Avon, Marykay,etc are not so-called "pyramid sale", but "direct selling"--a brandnew chinese title of MLM, they can operate legally in china after being granted the direct-selling license issued by the chinese government. and emerging as the times require, some chinese private enterprises also wanted to change the traditional business model into the MLM business model. since the chinese populace began to realize that MLM was not the horrible " pyramid sale" or "panzi scheme", instead of a new globally marketing model and system. and as a flagship of MLM industry, amway company has a brilliant history of nearly 50 years to expand its market share abroad. however, the chinese government limited the development of the domestic MLM company strictly. as a result, in order to continue to exist and progress, the chinese winalite company has to transfer its nationality to seek the shelter. now the truth is that it has been an international MLM company from usa, instead of china. oh, but i still cherish the memory of the marvellous international annual occasion in guangzhou hold by winalite company in 2008, where there were the distributors from 47 countries meeting together, as close as a big family. in the evening, the distributors from each country also brought many wonderful cultural programmes. oh, it was really the festival of great human joy and exaltation. the veitnam hat dance--all performers wearing the large pointed bamboo hats, and the melodious english song from an australian representative,etc all excited and impressed me i can say that "why this vision of super MLM empire where the sun also never sets stays deeply in my mind so vividly?. because i have ever really entered this temporary MLM empire at that time, i have really been a temporary citizen in the MM empire on which the sun never sets. ( i took that photo before the different national flags.)
pitifully soon later, the chinese authority began to made troubles with the company due to lack of the direct-selling license. in china, if without the support and permission of the government, anything can't go on successfully. the boss of the winalite company---mr. chen is such a kind-hearted and passionate and ambitious person. but at that time, several times the similar rumours went round that the boss had been arrested and he had to send a lot of money to the authority to ask for the release, along with the disunity and frequent personnel changes at the top of the company, so our small MLM branch team collapsed soon accordingly. the glorious feeling of my so-called MLM empire disappeared just like a flash in a pan. my life in reality reverted to the original situation. without hope, passion, friendship, love, etc. the interpersonal relation became as cold and detached as before, i'm surrounded by the loneliness, despair and helplessness again. as if i just entered a fool's paradise by chance, now i had to awake and come back.
but our life is just like a dream or the dream itself is just our life, who knows?)