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my tour to guilin

Posted by gauze on Tuesday, October 25, 2011, In : cool stuff 

my tour to guilin
in china, there's such a saying, guilin's landscape is the NO.1 in the world.   guilin is a place i desire to have a visit when i was a child, since there's a famous essay in our textbook of  primary school  about the beautiful scenary of guilin.
        recently i finally got a chance to have a tour to guilin which lies in the guangxi zhuang antonomous region---a province inhabited a lot of different ethnic minorities including zhuang, dong, miao,yao,etc. as i have mentioned...

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an email to my friend

Posted by gauze on Monday, October 24, 2011, In : english poems 

an email to my friend

dear friend,
how are you? it's a long time not to write to you. god knows you're in my mind for ever.
especially in this beautiful and enchanting spring, i can't help recalling a famous chinese ancient poem. since i fancy you like enjoying chinese poetic imagery.

oh, today when i walk in the street, i suddenly notice the white and light willow catkins are floating in the air. how beautiful, how ethereal! like a dream! the new spring is coming around! and i know such sc...

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why are the majority of chinese called the han people/nationality?

Posted by gauze on Monday, October 10, 2011, In : cool stuff 

now in china, the 92% of chinese population belongs to the han nationality. but do you know why are majority of chinese called han people?
by all accounts, the han dynasty between 206bce and 220ce is considered the greatest period of chinese history, the great wall of china was built and the arts and culture flourished. it's just the reason why chinese call themselves as ethnic han.
especially during an emperor named han wudi, there was a big improvement in all kinds of social fields including ...

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