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女人和马the woman and the horse

Posted by gauze on Thursday, January 13, 2011,

Rebecca Wilson enjoyed her horse riding with a vengeance.


She was up at dawn every day of every week.

Rebecca who was lucky in looks and in life, she loved her farmer husband but in truth not as whole heartedly as she loved Penguin her cross bred nag rescued from the knackers yard a year previously.

She brought Penguin to a halt and gently patted his neck.

She turned slightly in the saddle and gazed across the fantastic view of the Wyle Valley. To her left about a mile distant was th...

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the value of MLM

Posted by gauze on Wednesday, January 12, 2011,

oh, all my dear international friends, although the title of my article is "the value of MLM", i just want to invite you to read a small story. thus i believe that you can realize the "value of MLM" by yourselves spontaneously.

 english is an international language. i think it's enough to speak english when you go to any other countries. oh, in malaysia, at any rate, i feel my broken english is also a help for me, such as when we wanted to find the toilet(??ce suo), the local malaysian w...

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