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Having Found You

Posted by gauze on Tuesday, November 30, 2010,

  • Having found you, I feel I've lost myself
  • Even if I could, I wouldn't know what to say
  • There are no words in any language
  • That I can use to describe you
  • If I were to say that a beauty like you
  • Cannot be found in the whole world
  • This compliment, in truth, would be nothing
  • Your michievious style and grace
  • Spills out from your face
  • Your thick cloud of hair
  • Rests on your shoulders with pride
  • Your scarf floats in the wind like a cloud
  • Your arms are filled with moonlight
  • moonlight of beauty 
  • I...

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And all by myself 本文来自: 直销人网站( 详细出处参考:

Posted by gauze on Friday, November 26, 2010,
And all by myself
Walk A Loner at times even in crowded bazzars just keep watching and relating observations ..thinking and relating observations fresh thoughts generating thereby , seemingly fresh thought may not really be so , who knows the fresh Thoughts are of an era , Another Domain The Soul was subject to , else where in another life For I belive in Life After Life n Soul is a temporary resident in living beings , as similar as in Man !

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