an email to my friend

dear friend,
how are you? it's a long time not to write to you. god knows you're in my mind for ever.
especially in this beautiful and enchanting spring, i can't help recalling a famous chinese ancient poem. since i fancy you like enjoying chinese poetic imagery.

oh, today when i walk in the street, i suddenly notice the white and light willow catkins are floating in the air. how beautiful, how ethereal! like a dream! the new spring is coming around! and i know such scenery only belongs to china, the middle of china---my hometown.
and i also want to tell you a thing earlier. in the last december, i finally, finally got the chance to go abroad. i finally saved a sum of money, following the ecosway MLM team to visit to malaysia(it's the most feasible and cheapest way to get the visa for me)---where you was born and grown up. oh, no language can discribe my excited and joyful feeling.
we boarded the airplane in the HK airport, and i began to imagine how billowy and horrible the sea's waves should be when looking down from an airplane. but so strange, at first, the airplane was flying in the low level, i could not only find the strong sea waves, but the small sparking ripples of sea surface. oh, the sea was unexpectledy so quiet and friendly. gradually, the airplane was flying higher and higher, when i looked down to the sea again, oh, more surprised, the sea water was becoming from the liquid into solid. at this time, i also knew the real billows surging in the sky had been appearing like my initial thought about the sea. the only difference was the tumbling sea waters had turned into the fixed/statical mountains of water---huge clouds. and the sea and the sky had merged into one! oh,i was not so scared as i imagined to watch the sea from the high airplane at all.
after about more than 3 hours of flight, the airplane landed in the malaysian international airport. oh, i was also not excited as i imagined. i just felt the airport was so quiet, not having a packed and squeezing crowd in chinese big cities.
oh, due to my limited english, i have no ability to discribe what impression malaysia made me well. oh, but it's really like the song singing in the airport---here is the heart of asia. in my eyes, malaysia is a colorful land. i really have seen the different races with different skin colors including the malaysian chinese, indians, malaysians, even the middle-eastern women with the whole face covered with the heavy black veil, only leaving a pair of eyes open. the fantastic islamic buidings with the onion tops, the eyeful green trees with big leaves, even the strange food. oh, i remember there were a lot of coffee, the strong black tea and the dried shrimps. oh, i can't discribe it. and there's the famous malaysian pewters as well as the exquisite "black diamond" extracted from the tin mine, the delicious chocolates with the various fillings such as blueberry, durian,etc. oh, my malaysia--- so colorful, so gorgeous! so hot!
what is the most interesting in malaysia is that ( i never thought malaysia is like this before. ) the different races and nationalities live together in the same city, same community, still keeping the respective customs and religions, even having the different political systems. the islam can marry at most 4 wives legally with a big, big family of many childrens. (of course, there're different nationalities in china,too. but they don't live in the same districts.)
all in all, i want to say the feeling of realizing the dream is really too wonderful. no matter how, i have finally, finally have taken a small step towards the world. although i have waited for the day's coming so long a time.
however,since i have the experience of going abroad, i realize if one has never been to that place or country, it's very difficult to understand the artistic conception of the poems and cultures of that country. because its special climate, natural landscape is the most important element to form its culture. oh, maybe it's just the so-called chinese old saying "Different water and soil raised different people ".
below is just that chinese peom which discribes the scenery of my hometown's spring. (sorry, it's not my own english translation, just copy it from online.) but please using the eye of your mind to feel the special beauty of the snowy willow catkins flying in the sunshine spring of the middle of china. the tender, light green and even translucent leaves are growing on the trees, all things look like afresh!
草树知春不久归,The flowering shrubs know spring won’t be here long;
百般红紫斗芳菲.In very colorful tunes they each present a song.
杨花榆荚无才思,Only the willow catkins have no imagination
惟解漫天作雪飞.They fly all over like snow to make a proclamation.
oh, i'm looking foward to your visiting my hometown in the spring someday!