dear sir or madam:

i come from china for business here. i have a good project for you.

i am the amway distributor. amway is one of TOP 500 companies in the world.

i would like to find an agent here. if you work on it by part time i can help you to make much more money. it must be a good chance for you.

we will have a great speech to show you the opportunity this evening.

sicerely invite you to attend...

ADD: room 415-416 don santiago building 1344 taft avenue ermita malate manila

time:7:30-9:00 pm.

(do come to realize it. please bring this invitation letter and attend on time. thanks for your cooperation)

my inforation:

english name: ginaguo

chinese name: tel:(china):


amway ID card:(china)

amway ID card:(philippine):

e-mail:  QQ:267440847



1. i can help you to make an amway ID card.

2. If you make an amway ID card, you will become an agent in amway company in philippine.

hello. nice to meet you. you're so kind and lucky. i can help you to make an amway ID. you will become an agent in amway company.

your life will become better and better. and you will get more and more money. because there are all kinds of products in amway company in philippine. many chinese people will buy many things with your card. if you and your friends to make an amway ID, you will make much more money. (please duplicate your ID card or SSS card or passport.)