About The Team Building Project

 The Team Building Project was conceived and developed by Stephen Scott, a proven Digital Marketing Expert with over 20 years of business development, web site design & architecture, database design, viral marketing, social networking and computer programming experience.

In addition, Stephen is considered a network marketing (MLM) expert having successfully developed organizations in six different countries.

My Story

Several people have asked me why I developed the Team Building Project. Well, the answer to that question quite simple; I wanted to create an opportunity that wasn't simply about making money for oneself, but rather an opportunity based on a community of people tightly connected and working together to achieve financial success for the entire team.

And I'm glad to say that the Team Building Project is attracting new partners everyday and more importantly; we are communicating with one another, developing new and lasting friendships as we position ourselves for long-term financial success!

My first experience with network marketing (multi-level marketing) was in 1996. Up until that time I had enjoyed a successful professional life and was making a very good income. However, I had long believed that the best type of income was definitely passive residual income.

Having been approached by several friends and business colleagues about network marketing, I finally decided to give it a try. And from the very start I committed myself full-time with the company I joined.

I quickly developed teams throughout the United States and reached the second highest position in the company within my first 3 months. While my early success in the United States was rewarding, my ultimate goal was to develop a truly global organization.

To accomplish my goal I moved to Europe (London) a full six months before the company was scheduled to begin its European expansion. I developed large teams in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

So, having developed a large global organization you would think I had positioned myself for long-term financial success. NOT! I very quickly learned that even more difficult than building an organization, was helping the majority of people make money, REAL money, in a timely fashion. The reality for ALL network marketing companies is the vast majority of representatives/distributors are unable to generate any meaningful income - ever!

Needless to say that after several years and several thousands of dollars I eventually left network marketing however, I remained convinced that there had to be a way for the majority of people to earn meaningful income from network marketing.

There Must Be A Better Way

I conceived and developed the Team Building Project to essentially shatter the traditional network marketing paradigm. I strongly believed that the best way to enable the majority of people to succeed in network marketing was to 'stack the deck' of success in their favor. I knew there had to be a way to pre-position people for both immediate and long-term success.

I quickly identified the primary obstacles people face in building (and sustaining) a large downline that generates both immediate and long-term residual income.

  1. Getting people to attend business opportunity meetings.
  2. Getting people to listen to business opportunity conference calls.
  3. Getting people to join and pay start up fees.
  4. Keeping people interested long enough to actually make money.

So, I simply posed the following question to myself: What if one could quickly pre-build a large organization while avoiding the major obstacles? To answer this question I conceived and developed the Team Building Project.

Utilizing my business development, network marketing, computer programming, website design and Internet technology experience, I quickly began developing the Team Building Project website.

No Products? No Services? No Compensation Plan?

Many people visit the Team Building Project website and are confused because they do not find products, services or even a compensation plan.

It is important that you understand the TBP is about Pre-Positioning yourself to earn immediate and long-term residual income. No money will be earned until we SELECT and JOIN a well researched and established business opportunity.

The business opportunity selection process will begin once we have a minimum of 3,000 Qualified TBP partners (a TBP partner is qualified when they have personally sponsored at least two people into the TBP). At that time we will select (as a team) our first business opportunity to join. Just imagine, getting started with a well researched business opportunity with your pre-built downline in place (and growing).

A unique feature about the TBP is that you can continue using the TBP system to build your downline even after we select and join our first business opportunity. This will provide a steady source of new people that will eventually join you in the selected business opportunity, which means even more residual income for YOU.

The Team Building Project does not guarantee or promise long-term financial success, but it does significantly improve your chances of success. Yes, it does take WORK and COMMITMENT, but the fact is that thousands of people have already pre-positioned themselves and thousands more will do the same thing moving forward.

The ONLY way you can earn money in the FUTURE is by doing the work NOW. If you simply wait to see if the Team Building Project will be successful, you will completely miss out on your opportunity to be a part of that success!

A Word About My Objectivity

Please note that I have no connection or relationship with any network marketing or MLM company. I had previously been involved with two network marketing programs as an independent distributor however; these distributorships were dissolved well before my conceiving and developing the Team Building Project.

So, if you're like me and truly believe in the power of network marketing to generate a substantial residual income, then I invite you to take a closer look at the Team Building Project. But please, have an open mind, as it does represent a huge paradigm shift in developing a successful network marketing business.

I hope you will join us on this incredible journey!

Stephen Scott